Let Us Not Forget The Native People Of This Country

A Native American translation for this song:
Let us eclipse the the sun and the moon with our spiritual and emotional being,
and let us transcend these physical barriers and negativity which have made us a nation of one.
May the winds of time put into motion this feeling we share with our Mother Earth and this universe till the end of time.
May the creator bestow upon us a grand sense of unity and peace which we will continue to pass on to our people, wherever they reside.


10 Responses to Let Us Not Forget The Native People Of This Country

  • I am Native and I say, stop honoring the Natives until they emerge in decency and respect for this world. They are as racist,corrupt, and unloving of the Mother now as everyone else.

  • Gosh yet ANOTHER “native” approves of genocide of said people! You have a VERY VALID point. STOP honouring the native people of europe until THEY emerge in decency (any form of decency will do, the days ARE Desperate !)and respect for THIS world. THEY are RACIST ( goes without saying ), CORRUPT, and UNLOVING of Mother as Always ( bp oil spills ect )

  • I understand what lili is saying. All peoples today have been caught up inside a paradigm of greed, selfishness and for some, a need for revenge. Still, it’s a good thing I think to recall, for those who have forgotten, that humans can become monsters whenever they stop questioning the authority that rules them. The American history of Native People, as well as the history of many who were brought here as indentured servants from Europe, and as slaves from Africa, is important to never forget — because a similar fate awaits every living being on this planet right now as we continually follow the dictates of a global authority. 99% of us have nearly the same concerns. It’s the 1% that still controls us all, and continually strives to keep us divided.

  • Pride in ones self is the only answer to Racist come in all shades and color. Power will corrupt even the most moral of mankind. We really never know all that our mothers do for us …until they are gone.
    I am a “apple” To red for the white, and to white for the red. However, no one can change the fact I am proud of who I am i’m also to poor to be corruptible and I miss my mother but I well bust my ass to do anything for my grandmother. This isn’t our land we are only the caretakers of the land, because it belongs to our children.

    Native Pride Nation Wide!

    Change isn’t going to just happen and too much government is going to to self destruction. Besides as the saying goes “Sure, you can trust the government, just ask anyone who is liven “high on the hog” on a Rez . Welcome 99%! Welcome to our world now and your in for a hell of a ride.

  • I, too, am Native and I’m sad that lili stereotypes “Natives” with a broad brush. The heart of Native America still beats with the drum, dances in the circle to honor Mother Earth, and prays to the Great Spirit and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.

  • “Native Americans” migrated across the Bering Straight and down through the Americas no? So are they really “Native” to this land or did they just come here first?

  • I don’t think that blaming the victims is a good policy. In fact I think its disgusting.

  • as always, there are many ways of blaming the victims for whatever that had been inflicted upon them.

  • WHO said the Native people of “america” came across the bering straits? Yup, no one else but johnny come lately. Fact, EVERYWHERE johnny goes, he claims the Natives he MEETS There came from elsewhere! Surprise surprise, LOL LOL

  • The reason we have forgotten the natives and fail to recognize the advances they made as a society in regards to medicine and in some cases woman’s rights and even government (see the Iroquois) is that those who publish books, make movies and define our American culture, and write our history ignore them leaving a broken tail of misinformation, cultural ignorance and stereotypical condemnations. Not to mention an American policy which effectively eliminated land claims by subverting the languages, destroying the food supplies, cultural ways through forced assimilation and then created methods of recognizing who is an Indian based on a formula which due to the aforementioned land expansion strategies left many unable to be recognized in their own lands. Mocasins and Razorwire captures this reality and sadly is also facing the same uphill battle to be told.

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