Las Vegas Police break man’s nose for video taping them from his own property

10 Responses to Las Vegas Police break man’s nose for video taping them from his own property

  • I am so freaking tired of seeing this happen. Abuse of authority yet again.

  • This is just the beginning of sorrows for this nation.

  • Okay, that cop gets the idiot award. Haven’t these guys figured out yet. Let’s see where it went wrong. First, there’s video evidence that the guy eventually gets back. Second, the cop files a false police report (contradicted by the video evidence). That’s a crime and is enough to get his ass fired and in front of a judge just on that. That’s not to mention assault and battery charges which may equate to a felony depending on how severely the guy was injured. Finally, there’s section 242 of the U.S. Code: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. That’s a federal offense and also a felony. Nice going numb nuts. Mr. Crooks needs to talk to the detectives as well as the FBI. It seems they are at least going through the motions of investigating. Officers this stupid need to be taken off the street before they hurt themselves. Sheesh.

  • This continues to a very serious & ongoing Problem, within many Communities, throughout the Entire Country, and will continue ; until the Police Agencies start getting Rid of their “Bad Apples”.

    Also important that these Officers, suffer from a lot of Stress, while working on those streets on a average 40Hr. Week.

    Every year Police Offices need to attend classroom instruction on Community Relations & how to better serve their community.

    Furthermore, when a Officer is under any Internal Investigation, it becomes a serious matter, the Officer in Question, should have been taken off the streets & placed on Administrative duties within his Department.

    They “Fail” there Community, by allowing another possible threat or injury to other Civilians, that come in direct contact, with this Officer.

    Based on the Video Evidence, this Officer should have been “Fired” & his Police Certification taken.

    Unfortunately these type of violent attacks on our Law abiding Tax-paying Citizens shall continue.

    If the Officer, is not “Fired” then the Police Agency, is committed a act “Obstruction Of Justice” .

  • I called the LVPD 702-828-3111 a specifically told them how disgusted i am as an american citizen and the cop was a smart ass of course and keep saying ok ok ok so then i asked if this was sop for there dept. and she said no then i asked why this idiot has a badge and had two other suspicious killings and then she got serious and so did I. I informed the officer that i was embarrassed as a person and a human and I will not be going to vegas any more…..I think we should call these people and voice our disgust in there actions… is getting worse and worse and I am personally sick of it please call the LVPD and tell them your thoughts

  • Be careful posting Las Vegas Review Journal articles because if Righthaven buys up the copyright to this story they can force Federaljack into the same lawsuit that Brian Hill got put into.

    Righthaven are terrible people! LVRJ teamed up with Righthaven to sue ma and pa sites.

  • Stop going out alone.

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