Larry Pratt Destroys Piers Morgan on CT Shooting

(TheAwakenedMedia)   Gun Owner’s of America Larry Pratt DESTROYS CNN’s Piers Morgan on CT Shooting.

5 Responses to Larry Pratt Destroys Piers Morgan on CT Shooting

  • I cannot believe how rude and unprofessional this Piers Morgan is. I had to stop listening as I cannot stand the way he keep interrupting Larry Pratt responses. CNN hiring this guy is full of fail.

  • 5:51 "Morally obtuse" I almost spit coffee on my laptop!! Excellent interview Mr. Pratt! I’m gonna have to send GOA some membership money, just as soon as I tell the NRA to piss off. And that Morgan fella…. He’s a douche, plain and simple. He lives in England? Does he even have a dog in this fight?

  • wonder how old piers will feel when he looks down the barrel of some crazy killer’s gun?

  • Piers Morgan is just another imported Fabian Marxist organized criminal. In addition, the dirty piece of work cannot make an honest argument. He resorts to drowning out his guest and name calling. I think that he should be returned to his country with a label saying "delivery refused." We have enough American organized criminal Fabian Marxist Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) organized crime lackey criminals. We do not need to import criminal scum like Piers Morgan. Go back to the U.K. you dirty son of a wh*** Piers Morgan! Piers Morgan is the scum of the earth! Piers Morgan is a liar and a Fabian Marxist traitor! His foreign arse should be shipped back to the U.K.! Get out of my country you dirty son of a bi***! Go back and kiss Muslim a** just like the rest of the British Fabian scum!

    Is it just me or is it really obvious that these scum are trying to start a civil war with us? How about that dirty traitor of a professor who has incited others on the internet to beat the President of the NRA to death and demanded his head on a stick? Why hasn’t that scumbag criminal been arrested for the felonies that he committed? I’ll tell you why, because the FBI and other US and local police agencies are back that criminal piece of work.

  • I Am A Former Deputy Sheriff, I have never had ANY PROBLEMS WITH concealed carry, hunters, clay shooters, Target shooters, can plinkers, none! So Morgan (cant bring myself to type Mr.) GO BACK TO YOUR STUPID ENGLAND WHERE THEY TOOK THE GUNS, AND ARE NOW BEING TAKEN OVER BY MUSLIM TRASH! You have NO business addressing the American people! Go work for Mcdonalds

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