King County Sheriff Department Destroying Records of Officer Involved Shootings

2 Responses to King County Sheriff Department Destroying Records of Officer Involved Shootings

  • Probably excessive fore but we don’t know what caused the situation…However, destroying records or NOT keeping records of officer shootings, etc….is very bad practice…(Without records of each incident, it becomes a "He said, She said" situation…

  • Domestic law enforcement is just as violent and loathe to keep records of their violence as the CIA an FBI. More to the point, the U.S. has become a second-world if not third-world nation in terms of prisons and law enfocement. Bankers who have committed MULTIPLE felonies share the wealth and stay out of jail. Election officials who help steal elections at the behest of th highest bidder/bribers, keep the American Dream of Democracy alive with but a subtle variance – the numbers never add up! They too get a ‘pass’ in courts – even after they kill their minions – see Rove odered Mike Connel ‘taken out’ in a recording floating around the next. Meanwhile, Crack’ (cheap coke) dealer/sellers/buyers fill our prisons and make them a ‘business.
    America’s days are numbered just like Rome’s were after Marcus Aurelius. We’re doomed, no qustion. For we refuse to SLAY OUR SLAYERS OR OUR SLAVE MASTERS…

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