Karl Rove Goes After Ron Paul, Paul Supporters, Campaign For Liberty, 9/11 Truth, & Birthers


4 Responses to Karl Rove Goes After Ron Paul, Paul Supporters, Campaign For Liberty, 9/11 Truth, & Birthers

  • This is fantastic! Now we have Karl Rove having to address 911 truth and charges of war crimes on national television.

    “What percentage?”

    “I don’t know, but it should be less” hahahahah. Yes Karl, I am sure you would want us to be fewer. I suspect you know how many have these inconvenient opinions and are terrified by that number.

  • I saw the actual broadcast and then again, here….Re: Ron Paul….I didn’t see where Mr. Rove “Went After” Ron Paul….He and O’Reily werem ore at the 911 Truthers and Birthers, per se….

    I mean, if no one is going to come up with the ACTUAL Birth Certificate for this roach, then, it’s a dead issue…. With all the hackers and insiders around, it seems to me that someone would have exposed this and presented the REAL certificate by now…..regardless of all the money Obama’s people have spent keeping it secret….


  • More political rhetoric the mans arrogance I find repulsing, I believe this man has not any respect for “WE THE PEOPLE”.This mans attitude clearly shows the reason why the people are no longer represented in government but ruled.The saddest part of all this “WE THE PEOPLE” except this.

  • You can’t make us go away you demonized murderer. You sit up there trying to marginalize and decrease our numbers with your empty words but it only makes us stronger. 76% of americans want a full audit of the fed. How is that just a small number? 51% of americans say we shouldnt have gotten involved in Iraq war. 41% expect Afghan war to get worse over next 6 months. 57% of americans believe banker bailouts were bad for US economy. I can do this all day long mr. rove. you’re a liar, the majority of americans know what you are and getting on govt ran fox news wont help your lies.

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