Judge Tells Woman Sexaully Assaulted By Cop It Was Her Fault For Being There

(ALEXANDER HIGGINS)   In another disgusting example of how cops get away with everything from tasing, beating, shooting and even killing people an Arizona Judge has decided a cop who sexually assaulted a woman in a bar didn’t deserve jail time. Instead the Judge turned to the woman who was sexually assaulted telling her it was her fault for being at the bar in the first place. After telling the victim “If you hadn’t been there that night, it wouldn’t have happened to you” the judge continue saying “when you blame others, you give up your power to change.”


One Response to Judge Tells Woman Sexaully Assaulted By Cop It Was Her Fault For Being There

  • THE animals who call themselves judges in the state of arizona,all came from california,and when I lived there I told the morons if they didn’t chase all those fagots back where they came from,this would happen,and its been going on now since 1980,and its getting worse everyday,JUST like I told them it would,the POLICE GANG in arizona has everyone terrorifed of them and it will only get worse now……………….MAYBE the day might come when the women have been beaten and raped enough times by the POLICE GANG,where they’ll let their men do something about it,but for the time being I don’t expect to see that happening…………

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