Judge arranges forced adoption for local politician’s daughter, citing poverty issues alone

By C. Patience Summers

Bad Judge of the day (03-11-11): DISHONORABLE K. Mark Lloyd of Johnson County, In. He has an undisclosed conflict of interest because he sits on the board of directors to the Regional Services Council Committee (RSCC), an agency that decides what DCS contracted agencies will be used in his area. BAD JUDGE!

The following link is a pdf of the minutes of one of these meetings, if anyone is interested in seeing this judge on the roster for one of these: http://www.in.gov/dcs/files/Regional_Service_Council_14_MinutesApril2208.pdf

Occasionally, this reporter will hear about a judge who may not appear to be getting financial incentives for swaying their decisions, but their decisions still appear to be swayed for other reasons, even if it’s just a proverbial pat on the back from their peers or to feel in control of something.

One mother, Sherri Lynne Dungan, claims he allowed her parental rights to be terminated without just cause because the reporting individual who called Child Protective Services, Jodi Checkeye, is the daughter of the influential Warren Beville. Beville was a city councilman for the City of Greenwood, Indiana during the 60’s and 70’s.

Reportedly, Checkeye has custody of Dungan’s son as the result of poverty issues and no actual abuse allegations have been charged against Dungan.

“It’s a nightmare. It’s like she just ordered my son like you order an item from a restaurant,” Dungan cried.

In a brief, telephonic interview, Lloyd said that the RSCC is a statutory committee that decides what contracts the county will use for the foster care system and there are many officials involved besides himself.

He said that there is a process in In. for a judge to go through if they want to sit on the board of directors to a DCS directly contracted agency so that it can be certain to all that there is no conflict of interest involved, but he does not believe this process is needed for his involvement with any of the agencies he is a participant of.

Lloyd also claimed to be on another committee that provided monies to the foster care system.

He also claimed that he was attending college and high school while Beville was in office and did not know him.

Lloyd would not comment on Dungan’s case or why her child was removed without any substantiated allegations of actual abuse in his courtroom.

As of this date, Dungan’s parental rights to her son have been terminated and she hopes to overturn her case.

16 Responses to Judge arranges forced adoption for local politician’s daughter, citing poverty issues alone

  • This is the crap they pull! Day in and day out around the globe! My son was kidnapped for a month by Los Angeles DCFS for offending the marijuana supplier for their Chatsworth office. It is nothing more then an organized crime ring trafficking children for pedophiles! I child in foster care is 75% likely to be sexually abused and DCFS leaves abused children with abusers and lies to steal non abused children from good families. As we all know, it is a lot easier to sell good apples then bruised ones. Denise Sherman of Los Angeles DCFS tried to kidnap my child at the request of her drug dealer, Ruben Carvajal . . . . .

  • http://www.dailypaul.com/151697/15-year-old-girl-from-texas-speaks-out-against-child-protection-services-in-dallas

    this is a speech by a 15 year old girl about her brothers and sister being harmed by CPS and CASA OF DALLAS- she is really good and really mad!

  • At 1st getting on this site to Read what Judge did for Politicians Daughter, site Vanished! 1960s CPS Survivor, Custom Ordered also! I believe as KNOW its True. We were Merchandise then-Children STILL are. Its sad the PUBLIC doesnt believe Or care, until Theyre the Next Prey for the Hunter-CPS. Then, its Poor ME! No, Poor Children goin on The Govt Ride thru HELL! Something NEVER forgotten, no matter how hard one tries And Generations attacked, Hunted in Same Family, Grandkids and on & on, it continues!

  • Here we are again a judge doing a favor for his friend the politician. What surprises me is that this reporter had the guts to report this story. I wonder how long it will be now before the reporter is unemployed afterall that is what happens when reporters expose this stuff. Our legal system does not like it when someone exposes their dirty laundry they keep that stuff in the closet for a reason. They know if the public finds out just how dirty they are all hell will break loose. Maybe that is why they wear black robes instead of white because they are really the bad guys. I know that is not really the reason but it sure does fit the profile.

  • Well I guess they didn’t like my last comment because they erased it. It was there a few hours ago and now it’s gone. I guess they couldn’t handle me telling the truth. I guess this form of media is no different then the rest of them.

  • Dana, what comment of yours was erased? It shouldn’t have been. I manage my comments here and I have not erased any from you at all. Thank you for your comments. We, here at federaljack.com appreciate the input from our readers, especially obviously free-thinking and honest ones like you. Feel free to post away!

  • To C. Patience Summers thank you very much I will repost maybe it was a computer glitch of some sort.

  • C. Patience Summers Thank you for educating the people!

    Natl. Family Rights Protest
    OFFICIAL WEBSITE. National Family Rights Protest “Government Abuse IS Child Abuse for Profit” When: Friday, August 12, 2011 Where: See State/PLC tab …


    Please join this organized and determined group. The August 12, 2011 event will be EVERYWHERE AT ONCE! Volunteers are needed for this county by county protest across the country! It will be a news worthy event. Please invite your friends to join us and EVERYBODY GO TO THIS RALLY! There is power in public opinion and we CAN slay this dragon!

  • CPS/DCYF in Nashua, NH stole my newborn granddaughter for Neglect in the future, but let’s drug addicted mother’s keep their drug addicted children!

  • Because of cases like this, we should never allow one person to have the power to make decisions when it comes to custody, cases and destroy lives. We need new laws! Cases of this sort must be decided by 6-12 jurors. This is no different than dictatorship and it is wrong.

  • March 19, 2011 at 6:43 pm
    Because of cases like this, we should never allow one person to have the power to make decisions when it comes to custody, cases and destroy lives. We need new laws! Cases of this sort must be decided by 6-12 jurors. This is no different than dictatorship and it is wrong.

  • Give one person power and see what happen’s. If one person has no right to take a life (for the exception of the goverment)then who is someone to decide to take a child away from a parent. It’s the same as taking their life away. Your killing them on the inside. This is wrong in soo many way’s.

  • My sister-in-law has fought the Indiana system for 15 months trying to gain guardianship of her now 10 year old granddaughter. This is one of the rare cases CPS should have removed the child & CPS refuses to get involved at all. This child’s mother (my sister-in-law’s daughter) signed temporary guardianship to a couple (no relation to family at all) after being arrested on drug charges. The guardianship was done behind the grandmother’s back. The paperwork filed with the court was not notarized & was notarized at a later date without the notary have ever met the person of the signature he notarized. When the child’s mother realized what a huge mistake she had made, she signed power-of-attorney & sole guardianship to this child’s grandmother. All paperwork was LEGALLY notarized. The “couple” that have guardianship are convicted felons, he is listed as an armed career criminal & was released from federal prison less that 5 months prior to gaining guardianship. Both were arrested in the early 90’s after being arrested on burglary & theft charges, she was bonded out, armed herself with a handgun, returned to the Ripley County, Indiana jail & demanded his release. She was charged with kidnapping & attempting to aid a criminal. As usual with criminals, the case was plea-bargained to a lesser charge & she only spent a couple of year’s in prison. On 17 NOV 2010 more than 10 pounds of processed marijuana & $5500.00 in cash was removed by the Salem, Indiana drug team of this couple’s residence. Evidence of an indoor marijuana growing operation was discovered in an outbuilding on the property. He was arrested & released on 19 NOV 2010, although he is on federal probation until 2014. She was not home at the time & although the property is rented in her maiden name, they told the law she had left him “sometime ago”. This is a lie, the bust happened on a Wednesday morning, & she was living there the Monday prior to the bust. All of this, and more information, with documented proof about their criminal background & CPS will not remove this child from what they claim is a safe & stable environment. The grandmother has never been arrested, has a full time job, owns her home, does not abuse drugs, has never pulled a weapon on anyone, & does not have a marijuana growing operation in any of her outbuildings. Yes, the system is truly EFFED up, and the law abiding citizen’s & innocent children suffer due to the greed of the judicial system. We are having a difficult time finding anyone with the backbone to take the system on. We have a different judge & a different attorney (not court appointed). Our last hope is this judge is a man of honor (I have been told he is) and put a stop to this injustice & return this child to her non criminal & loving grandmother. I finally found an organization out of Louisville, Kentucky willing to step in & get involved if necessary after the case goes before the judge this month. I hope it does not come to that.

  • This is incorrect information. The reporter obviously does not know the full story of this case. The Checkeye’s are a fantastic family, who have done everything in their power to make sure Dungan’s son has a great life. They did not have to do this, as they have 3 grown children who are now out of the the house. They dont HAVE to raise another child, but they do out of the kindness of their hearts. If you dig in deeper, C. Patience Summers, you would know that Dungan is not just to care for a child, while living out of a hotel room, and no flowing income. Her son is in the best place possible right now, and this has no reflection on Jodi being a politician’s daughter.

  • I was wrong…everyfing i sed was not tru, me not now what me talking about. me dummy and so is reporter for words rote about juge and dauter.

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