“Jordan Miles”

Jasiri X tells the story of Jordan Miles, the 18 year old honor student who was brutally beaten by 3 undercover Pittsburgh Police officers while walking to his grandmother’s house. “Jordan Miles” was mixed by Diezel and directed by Paradise Gray.

Call Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala at 412.350.4400 and demand he file charges against the 3 police officers who brutally beat Jordan Miles.


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Now here’s a little story I got to tell
about 3 officers you don’t know so well
It’s started way back last January
with officers Ewing, Sisak, and Saldutte
They ran into boy named Jordan Miles
a real good kid who for sure was mild
but he was found guilty before a trial
cause he’s a young black man in the wrong part of town
Jordan is a kid that gets good grades
not a thug bragging that he’s hood raised
He takes care of his grandmother cause she’s older
went to performance arts school and plays the viola
He never did a crime one day in his life
His favorite TV show is CSI
when he graduated he wanted to learn
how to catch a criminal like Lawrence Fishburne
Then one night like he always did
He made the short walk to his grandmother’s crib
cause grandma didn’t like to be alone
by her self at night so Jordan stayed in her home
Now these 3 cops were undercover
so they could sneak up and snatch a brother
catch you in the act pull the gat and bust ya
throw you on the ground pat you down and cuff ya
rollin through the hood looking for they next victim
like every other night so they know how to pick em
They saw Jordan walking they lips they start lickin
there’s a young black male hell yeah let’s get him
They jumped out the car as the tires spun
yelling where’s the drugs, where’s the money and guns
Jordan stops walking his face was stunned
he thinks he’s being robbed so he starts to run
He didn’t get far before the cops catch em
Now they got em they gotta teach him a lesson
Because he ran that means they gotta wreck him
they slam him on his neck and start to chin check him
Blow after blow till his face was swollen
He thinks their gonna stop but they just keep going
he calls on God whispering the lords prayer
they grab him by his locks just to rip out his hair
beaten and bloody they finally hand cuff him
but then when they search they don’t find nothing
they’re minds was boggled then lies start to follow
let’s say inside his coat he had mountain dew bottle
and we thought that it was a weapon
we had to hit him cause he resisted arrest and
Let’s take him to jail and get him drug tested
because if he’s high we won’t look so reckless
Now Jordan’s Mom is really scared
cause she called his grandma’s and he isn’t there
What his in jail she headed there on the double
it must be a mistake Jordan’s never been in trouble
Outside the jail and she saw this man
who was beat so bad it made her think damn
It looked like he was hit with by bomb
then he walked right up to her and said Mom
She was shocked she couldn’t believe
that disfigured face was he’s son indeed
she fell to her knees she couldn’t even breathe
Her son has been a victim of police brutality
she rushed Jordan to emergency
And every time she looks at him it hurt to see
her son in a hospital bed in pain
police took no blame and claim its how they trained
Jordan got charged but when it went to court
We found out the police falsified they’re report
They said a neighbor called the cops crying
She got up on the stand and said stop lying
Now the whole community wants justice for Jordan
And the cops charged for the crimes they reported
Call the DA and tell him to press charges
we demand justice and we just getting started

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