Jim Tucker: Libya War and Wider Middle East Conflict On Bilderberg Agenda

(INFOWARS)   Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, veteran Bilderberg reporter Jim Tucker cited his insider sources who have revealed that bankster kingpin David Rockefeller was spotted at the resort located in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where the Bilderberg meeting is now convening.

The current patriarch of the Rockefeller family is a co-director of the Bilderberg Group along with the notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger and J.P. Morgan bank director Paul Arthur Allaire.

Tucker said the NATO action against Libya heads the Bilderberg agenda. The globalists want to create a “big bloody war” in the region, Tucker explained. High oil prices and exorbitant prices reflected at the pump will be used to gain the support of the commoners for continued military action in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the U.S. has intensified a “secret campaign” of air strikes in Yemen, thus intensifying tensions in the region.

Tucker also said the elite are outraged by the patriot movement and the alternative media’s coverage of the Bilderberg meetings and the release of information by moles and insiders. He said the elite attempted to get media magnate Rupert Murdoch to convince The Guardian in the United Kingdom and the Irish Times to scale back their reportage on the Bilderbergers, but he was unable to do so.

Tucker’s sources also said the Bilderbergers are stunned the presence of demonstrators and alternative media. This outrage will undoubtedly increase on Saturday when demonstrators arrive following Alex Jones’ call for a protest against the globalists and their agenda.

Prior to Jim Tucker’s interview, Alex talked with Prison Planet.com journalist Paul Joseph Watson who reported that a Bilderberg member taken ill was given the red carpet treatment at the St. Moritz airport earlier today.

The incident was witnessed by We Are Change Birmingham, a British affiliate of the activist group founded in New York.

Additional flights were diverted to Zurich due to cloud cover and weather conditions. It is approximately a two and a half hour drive from the largest city in Switzerland to the resort town.

Arrivals have been reduced to a trickle. As noted earlier, our team has spied the arrival of the leading neocon and former assistant Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle, and possibly Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Danish politician and current NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen was also spotted. The presence of Rasmussen at the meeting lends credence to Tucker’s assertion that NATO’s campaign against Libya figures prominently on the globalist agenda.


3 Responses to Jim Tucker: Libya War and Wider Middle East Conflict On Bilderberg Agenda

  • The truth on Libya part 8
    This material is being Censored by cnn- fox news- abs news -el jazera -le monde- Newsweek. Lastampa

    New Nato strategy of air strikes on Libya
    We failed to kill gadafi although we killed his son and Grande children so let us try to terrorize his supporters *(85%) of Libya let us go:
    And in charge of a body called Control DEP. in charge of transparency in finance of Libyan army WAS THE THIRED TARGET OF NATO ( GADAFI AND HIS SON AROBA )
    His office was hit 4 times in the hart of Tripoli
    Between 12-5 and 7-6.
    On 22 end of June his family house in SORMAN west of Tripoli (55 km) was hit by 8 rockets and 15 were killed among them was wife of his son kalid and 2 grand children ” kholood “8 years and” koaldi kaled “3 years.
    His Sudanese cooker and his wife from Morocco were killed others were relatives and 4 of his guards
    This Nato action is considered crime of ware
    On 21 June a traffic police check point was bombed in el “Koms” east of Tripoli 2 police
    officers were killed and it was grate achievement of Nato
    * 21 of June city of Sebha 1000 km south of Tripoli and 200 km south of Benghazi a military fuel station was hit by 8 rockets and when civil fire personals came to the location with international recognized singles of their wagons were bombed an 9 of this workers were completely burned and killed.

    It was proved that south American nationals were recorded by CIA to fight in MISRATA many of them killed and some were arrested


    Thank you

  • اذا كنت بحاجة الى شيء لتجعلك تشعر بأنك أفضل في كل هذا، تحتاج فقط تسأل نفسك سؤالا واحدا : في تاريخ العالم كله من جميع الدول، لديه أي رجل واحد اتخذ من أي وقت مضى بلد مفلس لجعلها دولة خالية من الديون في 40 فقط سنة؟ نعم ولكن واحدة فقط، القذافي. كيف غير عادية هذا؟ أي زعيم غربي فعلت، لا الفائز بجائزة نوبل للسلام قد فعلت ذلك؛ لا الفيلسوف اليوناني فعلت؛ ولم يستطع اي زعيم من الزعماء أو الخلافة لم تفعل أي وقت مضى في تاريخ العالم هذا، وهذا هو كل تاريخ واحدة من أعظم إنجازات رجل واحد ، . لم يكن لديهم على جائزة نوبل تستحق مثل هذا الانجاز. الطغاة في العالم الوقوف ضد زعيم واحد أكبر من أي وقت مضى ليعيش، والرجل الذي لم يكن غزو الدول الأخرى ، ولكن أنقذته هو شخصيا وجعلها خالية من الديون، ليست هناك ديون دول حلف شمال الاطلسي مجانا. (فهو يجعل أوباما تصرخ في وسادته في الليل مع العلم انه لن يكون رجلا عظيما مثل القذافي، وقال انه يعتقد أن مثل هتلر اذا كان يقتل كل الرجال أفضل سيكون نقله إلى أعلى القائمة)

    If you need something to make you feel better in all this, you need only ask yourself one question: In the entire world history of all the nations, has any one man ever taken a bankrupt country to make it a debt free country in just 40 years? Yes but only one, Al Gaddafi. How extraordinary is that? No western leader has done it, no Nobel peace prize winner has done it; No Greek philosopher has done it; No leader or succession of leaders has ever done this in world history, this is of all history the single greatest achievement of one man,. They do not have a Nobel prize worthy of such a feat. The tyrants of the world stand against the single greatest leader to have ever lived, a man who did not invade other countries, but saved his own and made it debt free, there are no debt free NATO countries. ( It makes Obama scream into his pillow at night knowing that he will never be a great man like Gaddafi, and he thinks like Hitler that if he kills all better men it will move him up the list)

  • If you want to see the real truth about the “rebels” and “freedom fighters”, go to http://www.obamaslibya.com. They have videos of CIA & Mossad, along w/ private “contractors” who in Orwellian double-speak means mercenaries. It’s all word games. The vids on obamaslibya.com show the CIA led rebels murdering POW’s, burning them alive, beheading them, hanging them, etc. They even show the torure of young boys and forcing captured Libyan soldiers to cannbalize various human body parts cut into small pieces and shoved in the mouths of the prisoners who are handcuffed and on their knees in a line.

    I saw many of the atrociies committed in Iraq by Mossad & CIA posing as “al qaeda”. These are as bad if not worse. Especially the forced cannibalism and the wide reports of childrens rape & torture by anti-Ghaddafi “rebels” & heir associates.
    Worst of all though, since Wayne Madsen, Cynthia McKinney, & 12 others returned from a 2 week fact-finding trip to Libya this month, all American mainstream media has ignored hem. Fortunately with the resources available online, some of us were informed by PressTV and RTAmerica. Madsen fumed that his western media collegues knew about these war crimes and lies, but have been censored. Many of the mainstream media reporters even witnessed it, but despite this, they can actually tell the world wih a straight face that NATO is bombing Libyans in churches, schools, mosques, wedding parties, etc. is “protecting Libyan civilians”?

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