Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300’s?

(MARK DICE)   Man on the Street Monday: Mark asks people what year approximately Jesus died, and if there were stricter gun control laws back then, if that would have stopped Lee Harvey Oswald from shooting Jesus. You have to see their answers to believe it.


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8 Responses to Jesus Was Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1300’s?

  • un fucking believable
    americans are simply the dumbest people on the face of this planet
    how the fuck does this superpower remain so
    with dumb stupid people like that

  • I simply refuse to believe what my lying eyes and ears are telling my brain. Nope, no way so many people are so UNBELIEVABLY stupid! Uninformed, Uncaring, it makes my brains burn from the stupid, for real. Wonder how many people Mark interviewed that knew the answers? Please, for the sake of my sanity, let it be a lot of people that knew the answers and therefore did not make it into this video clip!

  • Your a bunch of fluoride heads in America ! Want to see what gun control did to us ? Registration then confiscation ( forced turn in or go to prison for ten years ) the the Bobbies got their guns taken away !
    Then the global NWO went full force Gives the state the green light for total tyranny and kingship ! Like red tape ?
    Bonnie beatings for holding your cell phone outside your garden rapes triple break ins home invasions Hammer killings and knifes ( you don’t recover with those mate ) defend your self with your car keys yea that makes your attacker motivated to stop. Stupid losers you all are !

  • The queen now has a house in Texas and all of our most collectible arms in her personal collection A travesty !
    Just like Kelly and fake wife You decide your dam well better get your own Ar15 and colt 45 and find out you can’t get them ? You will never feel more foul able mate ! Wait til the first 300 lb man pushes in your door and feel how primal fear feels as your not able to defend your self or kids !! Your playing right into the hands of the five richest families so they can move their capital to the Ozarks and go under ground and manage you with 30000 drones ! You won’t be ale to walk to your SUV with your kids bat bag without getting erased by some 19 yr old punk at a joy stick being told your a arch terrorist ! Line your caps so the Gwen system does not out messages in your head and buy a filter for the fluoride and see how awakened and off your knees you feel ! America loses the arms they will really take us all down ten fold ! They want you gone 90% of us all and Monsanto is working toward that and your like a kangaroo in the spot light Still a rigo mate .,

  • No fucking way…. Is this satire? Please tell me it’s satire…. And William Hale, don’t let something like this mislead you. Yes, a lot of people are stupid, but not all Americans are stupid, and not all stupid people are Americans.

  • Mark Dice needs to get a fucking life, and get the TRUE facts. Everyone knows the REAL TRUTH about how Jesus died, we are not all dumb asses in this world, he seems to think we are, and acts it too, so get a grip Mark and you know the TRUE facts, and only talk about the TRUE facts.

  • Wow, what kind of question is that? Sounds like a vaccine induced diseased individual asked and answered this one. My favorite is still when he is selling silver dollars for $ 0.99, that reflects the true state of the fiat system ignorance. Next he should ask if guns are more dangerous than one way street penetration by injection molded devices…

  • People can be caught going through the motions without thought it happens to all of us , but this many..Did anyone answer proper? At least 1 would have been nice to keep it honest..

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