It’s Official, We Live In a Police State

(FEDERALJACK)   If you are even slightly paying attention at to what is going on around us and what has been going on around us then you are aware of how fast we are sliding into total tyranny.  No I am not referring to the illegal power grab in the debt ceiling bill, or any of the other illegal and unconstitutional things the federal government has been up to, although they are a major part in the overall scheme of things.  No I am talking about the microcosm of that larger problem which is what is really going to help kill freedom in this country, when tyranny comes to your hometown Police Dept and City Councils.  We have reported on many instances where City Councils and local Police Departments have gotten completely out of hand and drunk with power.  By now most readers are aware of Quartzsite, AZ and the craziness that is going over there.  The Mayor gets put to the side by a corrupt City Council and Police Chief, citizens getting arrested for speaking at council meetings, 80% of the police force have been suspended for refusing to violate the constitution, firearms being confiscated.  It is like the plot out of a bad 80’s movie.  Another example is the three little girls in Midway, GA that were told by the towns police chief that they had to shut their lemonade stand down because they didn’t have a business license and a food & vendors permit.  Yes you read that correctly, a Police Chief and an officer observed the lemonade stand, that obviously supported terrorism (sarcasm), and shut it down fast because the three little girls had not paid their dues to the overlord that is the city government.  The Police Chief actually had the nerve to publicly defend shutting down a lemonade stand by saying and I quote “We understand the girls are young but they have to obey the law”, and “We’re not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, or what it was made with so we acted accordingly with city ordinance”.  Incredible hubris, but she isn’t alone.  Another lemonade stand was shut down in Coralville, IA because the FOUR (4) year old girl running it didn’t follow the rules which say you have to apply for a permit and get a health inspection.  We are officially a Police State.  When a four (4) year old girl can’t sell lemonade from her front lawn without getting shut down by the city because she doesn’t have a permit or health inspection of the lemonade making facility (home) we are in a complete tyranny.  America….. It’s Time To Stand On Your Feet And Fight.

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  • why dont you vote in proper police, start a campaign for elections with police who put constitution first and dont terrorise people. These police are terrorists and thugs.

  • @justin brown
    Pardon, but are you the justin brown in my 2nd grade class? Justin (if its you) has stated this several times before. It usually only leads to “in school” suspension, but last time we had to kick him out for the remainder of the year.

  • Nope, we do NOT live in a police state yet.
    You’ll know we’re in one the day that you see agents of the government pounding on your door looking for your guns.
    Without them acquiring most of the 200 million guns in the US, they CANNOT install a police state.

  • @dave
    The only problem with that is, what happens when they do come for the guns? Most Americans are not willing to resist.

  • The most high profile murders by law enforcement in Southern California have been Doug Zarby in Long Beach…secretly observed by cops for 20 minutes as Doug was sitting on some steps, fiddling with a water spray nozzle. Suddenly, the tax feeders decided to assassinate Doug with multiple shotgun blasts and pistol fire. No cops to date have been prosecuted or relieved of “duty.”

    Then there’s case of Allen Kephart, murdered by cops in Big Bear Lake area for failing to pull over instantaneously…instead driving less than a mile to a gas station. No cops charged or disciplined.

    In Fullerton, we just had homeless man Kelly Thomas beat to death. A frail, schizophrenic, homeless man…for over 15 minutes continuously smashed in the face and tasered, graphic photo shown internationally…no cops thus far prosecuted.

    Time to fight back? No, it’s way past time to send some very sadistic men in uniform to HELL!

  • @ Dave Dave, that is already happening bud. Go buy a couple hand-guns and see if you get a “friendly” visit.

  • I live in Asia with my wife and dogs now. We went to visit my family I haven’t seen in like 15 years. That was in 2001. We were having a BBQ in the back yard,my brother in law set off some fire crackers, after 5 minutes I went to bath room and when I came out the State cops were there,Drill Sergeant hats on, pointing a finger at everyone as they were leaving. I asked what happened and my mother explained that they got a complaint about the fire works and if they got another one they were going to make arrests. I was appalled.( “Massachusetts” It says it all)

    Later on the next weekend we went to check out the yard sales in the city trying to impress upon my wife the “American way of Freedom”. We went to one house that had quite a large yard full of 2nd hand things and my wife bought some small house ornaments to take back with us and the woman said, I hope I can sell all my things this weekend so I don’t have to get another “CITY PERMIT”. she said, it costs $20.00
    to apply. Man! I almost fell over.
    I even remember as a kid selling lemonade with some of my friend just to get a little scratch to go to the movies.
    People don’t even see what’s creeping up on them

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