Isaac Yeffet: TSA Is Not Security, It’s a Joke

One Response to Isaac Yeffet: TSA Is Not Security, It’s a Joke

  • Mr. Yeffet trying to wake up Americans. Technology is not enough. The best security starts when passengers are in line … before they even reach TSA. This makes so much sense. But we Americans are too offended by interviewing (profiling). Instead we see the RESULTS of our present airport security system. It has HOLES. It is an illusion of security. When armed police ask you questions at the airport, they know exactly what to look for. In talking with several people who have flown on EL AL, not one person called these interviews intrusive. BUT in fact they said they felt even safer. As we have just witnessed last week at LAX Airport, a gun man can open a bag and pull out an auto assault rifle. He can start firing bullets at TSA and passengers, walk past TSA security, walk through the airport corridor, reach the gate area where he can potentially kill, injure or scare hundreds of passengers, shut down the 3rd busiest airport in the US for 4 hours, inconvenience 100, 000 passengers nationwide … AND WE CALL THIS GOOD SECURITY. Many of the passengers dropped their luggage and ran out the exits onto the tarp, where jet airliners are docking and undocking every few minutes, jet blasts can injure passengers. Passengers were wandering around the airport, no food no water for hours, others were just told to walk … 1 mile and keep walking. You get the picture. We have passengers strongly complaining of being abandoned … not knowing what to do, where to go. AND YET WE CALL THIS A SUCCESSFUL SECURITY SYSTEM. OF COURSE I GIVE CREDIT … to the police for taking down this guy. The police chief said …” we were 60 seconds behind the shooter.” WHile that may sound like a good thing, we also know that ( in this case) the shooter seemed to go after TSA personnel. But if he were to go after passengers … 60 seconds of shooting rounds from an automatic weapon … could literally kill HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. As Mr Yeffet is TRYING to convey to us AMERICANS … this is not good enough.
    What is is trying to convey is … we were only lucky this time. Now lets talk about PROFILING … we Americans scream about profiling. WHat about the dozens of innocent passengers that were handcuffed as police tried to figure out .. who was who. Well, that is profiling !! But now suddenly we Americans say its ok to handcuff me, until the police realize that i am just an innocent passenger. We saw plenty of profiling going on … during and after the shooting incident. Police pointing their weapons (yes automatic weapons) in your face, in your car. Because now … they must use profiling, for their own protection. I hope you get a sense of where I am going with this. PROFILING (interviewing) will happen … either to prevent an incident, or after the fact as we have seen here. So my suggestion is that AMERICANS GET OVER IT. If we really want and care and love our neighbor …. we do whats necessary to keep them alive. Its time to grow up America, and stop being “NICE” … because right now our definition of NICE is killing, injuring, and hurting people…. and that is not very nice. We can choose to learn from the best, be truly pro-active, be results-oriented. Or we can continue to be politically correct, live in a sense of false illusion, pretend everything is ok. Because this attitude is truly not loving at all, not caring at all, and will continue to distrupt, injure and kill along the way.

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