Is Ron Paul Finished? What About Us?


(STEVE STARS)   You might think that Rand Paul’s interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News spelled the end of his father’s political career, where Rand pledged his support (if not full endorsement) to Mitt Romney.  But No! They can find new ways to milk all the political capital the patriot movement has. Perhaps a new book sale for example:

Listen Everybody! This is not over! You can SUPPORT the CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY by buying Ron Paul’s latest book:


By Ron Benedict Paul

The ugly truth is that Ron Paul has been wasting our contributions, political capital and collective energy since early 2007 which is only one part of the big Presidential picture. Let’s face it, the symptoms were there all along.

Ron Paul has continually avoided the truth about the 911 issue, and we have not objected to his allegations that “foreign terrorists” were behind the attacks.  After Obama was elected, he failed to capitalize on HR 1207 when he had over 300 Co-signers ( a Bill to Audit the Fed) while congress passed Obama care instead.  He should have left the Republican party back after Super Tuesday,  and he will not even campaign in the big states currently. He also could have done some good by injecting H.C.R 107 into the spot light, but he didn’t, and it took him about three months just to co-sponsor the thing. The list goes on.

We have given him so many hall passes that it is embarrassing.  Now we have to face the realization that he has publicly soiled himself though his son Rand’s endorsement, and all the work so many contributed was wasted on that “crazy old man who sounds like an old lady, who is hardly Presidential.”

We voiced our concerns, now we have to swallow hard and face the facts as Ron Paul is pushing Rand’s career, instead of helping us all.  He has turned his back on us— and all the good work he ever did into dung now.

The ONLY thing he can do is run independent and FIGHT! But he is not a leader or a fighter so he won’t. He has lost our trust now thanks to Rand, but many of us had suspicions something was wrong here. Now we have to admit that we were mislead, if not betrayed. But you can still contribute to his many campaigns if you like!

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