Iowa Police Shut Down 4-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand

(FOXNEWS)   Police closed down a lemonade stand in Coralville, telling its 4-year-old operator and her dad that she didn’t have a permit.

Cedar Rapids television station KGAN reports that an officer told Abigail Krutsinger’s dad on Friday that she couldn’t run the stand as RAGBRAI bicyclers poured into Coralville. RAGBRAI is The Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which ended Saturday.

The city ordinance says food vendors have to apply for a permit and get a health inspection.

Abigail’s dad, Dustin Krutsinger, says the ordinance and its enforcers are going too far if they force a 4-year-old to abandon her lemonade stand.

The city said it was enforcing the ordinance for health reasons, because people have gotten sick from food and drink they got during RAGBRAI.

12 Responses to Iowa Police Shut Down 4-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand

  • Utter nonsense. You can’t get much lower as a man than to go out of your way to pick on a 4 year old.

  • That bullshit, this is happening all over the country. This little girl SHOULD have every right to have a lemonade stand and the people riding by SHOULD havwe the right to choose weather or not they would like to purchace it from her….. Welcome to the police state everyone 🙁

  • Every time the US goes into the toilet it’s the “authorities” of the red states that lose their minds first. Don’t worry though the blue states will catch up very shortly when their social programs are cut.

    Full US chaos is assured by October. Get your recorders ready…

  • Get used to it. No use bitching about it on a fucking website is it?

    The 4 yr old doesn’t need a permit by the way – she needs a Dad who understands the difference between contract law and the bill of rights.

  • Sorry.

  • Hopefully none of these children will commit the non-crime known as “contempt of cop” by telling the police to buzz off or some such.

    Many people have been killed maimed and injured for breaking this sacred non-law.

    And beyond that (if you’re still alive) you are charged with resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer, etc., etc., etc.

  • Well well well – before Agigail even enters kindergarten, she’s gotten an in-your-face civics lesson on government over-regulation and on cops and city officials who don’t have the brains or common sense they were born with.

  • Imbeciles abound. The poor family is lucky they didn’t call out the radiation-riot tank and drop in a SWAT tream armed with automatic weapons to get that overtime. The cops were definite proof too much alcohol and incest is not a good thing.

  • ….if I had been the Dad,…I would have immediately removed the price signs, and informed the Cop that we are no longer “selling” lemonade, but are “offering” lemonade to thirsty bike-riders… then,….I would have(in front of the cop) told my daughter to keep track the lemonade she’d “given away” and I would reimburse her (at retail prices) after her charity event had closed!

    …I come from a family of corrupt cops, and mark my words, I don’t think they really wanted to go out and enforce the idiocy of the county/city,…but if the cops will take on a four-year-old’s lemonade stand,…what do you think they will be like when the country collapses into economic violence..?

    Get ready…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves- The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Sburb

  • People are getting sick because they try to down something cold and swallow their food whole while running, duh.
    This is just more unsubstantiated claims

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