Incredible video shows rogue cops go crazy over Constitutionalist videographer

(Martin Hill)   This is the most chilling video I’ve seen in a while, (well, maybe perhaps since yesterday when I saw the video of an evil Seattle cop killing a harmless pedestrian wood carver holding a pocketknife). This video though, while thankfully it does not include murder, is a shocking film of an officer who goes absolutely berzerk at the sight of a man innocuously videotaping in public. The videographer, who identifies himself as a member of a Michigan government watchdog group, is immediately assaulted by a ‘Michigan Conservation Officer‘.

You are invading my space, I will arrest you! is the title posted by youtube user savemyrepublic.

More Americans, particularly those in the liberty movement, are accutely aware of their natural God given rights and are standing up for themselves and for the Constitution. Filming police is not and has never been illegal, despite what crazy jackboots across the country constantly claim. There have been several victories in court and monetary settlements involving this issue.Homeland Security recently settled with liberty activist and  paid damages after concededing the public’s right to film federal buildings. Brett Darrow of Missouri , who has a dash cam mounted in his car for his own protection, got a cop fired after being threatened for simply filming a traffic stop.Congressman Ed Towns of New York recently brought this issue to Congress, asserting that they need to affirm the public’s right to film police. As I pointed out in my video Arkansas State Trooper meets videocam, it’s a good idea to record all interactions with police. A motorcyclist who was falsely charged with ‘wiretapping’ for simply recording a traffic stop with his helmet cam recently had his charges thrown out in court.

In the Michigan video, the cameraman is immediately assaulted by the officer who agressively walked up to him and maniacally sneered “turn that off’. The cameraman refuses to do so, and in the final few moments of the video, we see the culmination of the confrontation. The cameraman calls the local sherrif to file an assault complaint, but they took no action. All three should be arrested, fired, sued civilly, and have federal civil rights violations charges filed against them.

After watching this absolutely outrageous video, you may want to contact the The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Their contact information is here. The public should never tolerate being threatened and assaulted by public servants.

The same youtube user savemyrepublic has also posted several other outrageous videos of other cops, including Taking video, get assulted, taking pictures,show us your papers and Seat belt laws,only for citizen maggots. It appears to be a new channel, but I have a feeling we will see much more from this person in the future. He should be saluted for his valiant work standing up for liberty.

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Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Rense, National Motorists Association, and many others. You can view a full archive of his Examiner articles here.

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