If Israel can do this to a young Jewish American, imagine what Palestinians face every day

()   The true face of the supposed “only democracy in the Middle East”. A young American Jew quietly and calmly voices his opposition to Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, both in the occupied territories and in Israel itself, and is attacked by the Israeli police, who drag him along the road face down and throw him into a police van.


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  • This kind of act of conscience is the only thing that makes any sense in today’s world, especially in regards to Israel for which American politicians and media have become whores and accomplices. This young man is a true human being, a true brother to his fellow humans. I hope we can protect him from further harm.

  • would be interesting to know the whole story ?????????
    common sense anyone ?

  • Who is he?

  • but the kid was NOT “dragged along the road face down”… but that would be typical rhetoric for some types wanting to construe this complex problematic matter into beyond over-simplified black and white. Are any of you even clear on how UAE funds both sides of escalation here? and how UAE and other forces inside the US (Pentagon/war profiteers) use Israel and .. well there is that thing about who sided with Hitler back in the day… and a lot of other historical contributing factors and.. and there’s also the stupid self-sabotaging acts of atrocities done to civilians that make most of Israel’s look tame, considering the matter of size and surrounded by. And don’t hand me some crap about Zionism. I have lived and worked extensively in Muslim countries, and also have seen the issues of attrocities across the board with few exceptions toward woman, and imported labor forces. None of this stuff is so simple, as you’d like to see it, finger pointers. You see the protest allowed, one read by numbers American got busted, for not showing i.d. Try that here in the USA. It would be worse, regardless even of color which would be likely more worse. You don’t need to extrapolate the atrocities handed Palestinians from this minor arrest with NO face dtagging, they are clear. But there’s so much more never brought up. by those picking a side to the degree they deny history and reality.

  • it seems like half or more of the “truther” stuff put out here is funded disinfo anyway, like all the rest.. how pathetic is that

  • To speak out in opposition against Palestinian policy is worse punishment than that. If you steal,your hand is crushed. I watched it happen on a video to a 12 year old boy who stole bread because he was hungry.

  • @larry winnett

    i thin you watched it on the TV broadcasted from mars, because an under 18 kid can’t have a crushing hand punishment. it is forbidded in the constitution.

  • Since when does a “Constitution” stop Israel or America from doing anything?

  • Israel’s enemies are of its own making.
    Pure and simple.

  • Jews are obviously guilty, but they always like to point fingers at somebody else or other places of some problems, as if that would make their actions OK.

  • Every free thinking Jew everywhere must abandon Israel. Many of my Jewish friends
    have abandoned it. My Jewish wife is finally coming around and abandoning it.
    No more financial or political support of any kind. The children of most of my
    Jewish friends will not travel to Israel and will not join the IDF. 3 of the
    daughters of my friends have married non-Jews and will not maintain Jewish
    households. This is how we plant a cancer in the belly of the beast and rid the
    world of Zionism. We break the cycle at the family level and we can destroy it
    from within.

  • There’s nothing wrong with the democracy. Democracy does not mean freedom of speech, democracy means that the authorities follow the will of the majority of the population. According to the video, the population seems to be quite obviously cheering when this terrorist supporter (in their eyes) is being arrested. Even if the police shot him right at the spot, the surrounding flag-waving crowd most likely would be very pleased. The problem is not with the lack of democracy, the problem is in this country being world’s cancer, complete with its democratic population and its worldwide tentacles in all governments and financial institutions.

  • More importantly- if your jewish friends wont abandon support for their co-religious jewish killers, you need also abandon THOSE ‘friends’ not just Israel.

    Go out of your way to operate as the enemy does, emulate how they got their power.

    Only patronize non-jewish doctors, dentists, lawyers, stores, products etc AS MUCH AND AS FAR AS YOU ARE ABLE TO DO. In publishing and certain areas its quite difficult because tribal nepotism has swindled them a monopoly in many sectors- but as much as you can. It is worth the effort. VOTE IN THE ONLY LANGUAGE THEY RESPECT- $$$$$

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