Hurricane Erin was going to hit the North East US on 9/11/01, Watch what happens to it

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  • i think this is pretty common since there is a wind that blows down from the arctic thru canada into the US. but what’s that glitchy static? the technology exists. i’ve seen doppler radar that looks like a tuning fork manipulating storms, probably one of their nuclear powered free electron masers, mounted on a ship. they use a tuning fork beam configuration with 2 beams heating the air creating high pressure pockets that can steer storms. however in this video you can see the wind blowing that hurricane out to sea.

  • It is HAARP. And, in combination with chemtrails dumping massive amounts of barium and aluminum into the ionosphere, the electro magnetic fields created by HAARP heat up the air so much, they manipulate the weather pretty much any way they choose. This is real, this is true, and it is about time this stupid country gets their heads out of their @sses and studies what is going on right before our eyes. If you did a little homework America, you would see that this technology was developed years ago by Nikola Tesla and the govt literally stole that man and kept his inventions and ideas for themselves. He literally gave us free electricity for life, air and water powered cars, you name it. And the govt and Thomas Edison and Westinghouse made darn sure the consumer never got anywhere near any of it. Instead, the govt used this man’s technologies for their own demented demonic gain and gave us the likes of HAARP among other things to destroy the human mind, gain massive mind control over the populace, create brain cancers and other brain disorders, population control, global-scale weather catastrophies, and things such as none of us can comprehend.

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