HEALTH ALERT: Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years

(FEDERALJACK)   Brittney gives an emotionally charged overview of what her life has been like for the past two years.  She struggles daily with the fact her life has been forever changed.  A doctor frightened her into taking the Gardasil vaccine by telling her she could get HPV through a “possible” lab accident at college – where her blood could mingle with someone else’s who had HPV.  She was never told HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and having no other information, she allowed herself to be given a vaccine she never needed.  Now she wishes the TRUTH to be told.

3 Responses to HEALTH ALERT: Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years

  • Start snorting opiates sweet lady. It will give you a sense of pleasure and well being though you are stuck at home.

  • If you give up you’re helping us lose.
    We know. There is a ‘gross domestic product’ to comically distort the term which is exponentially growing.

    Have faith in us, all of you. Join us. Speak out.

    If you’ve seen the twilight zone, MASH, Fight Club, The Matrix you know what I’m talking about.
    It’s real. It’s in your face.

    Stop it. Throw your bodies upon the system and stop it now. NOW!
    Aldous Huxley (I’m not surprised “Huxley” isn’t an underlined ‘spelling error’.)
    He’s friggen right. If you let it, the world will be new and brave outside your ultimate desires.

    Rule by the few. Alex Jones is just but one mouthpiece trying to show everyone their true masters. Get ready to resist it. It will seem inevitable.

    And if you think I’m crazy, look again. Aldous Huxley was just a person, same as everyone else. He created a self fulfilling prophecy based on writings of the people in higher power of his time. He’s not crazy either. (maybe sadistic, but not insane.)

    Look forward. If you don’t, I’m afraid you will not live long enough to influence the greater look forward. You are doomed. Accept that now. Right now. It’s not me telling you, it’s the universe speaking. Action does not happen without an equal and opposite reaction. Newton is profound on so many levels. Physics is profound, but I won’t even bother to get into that.

    Save Yourselves and your families. The status quo is literally dismembering itself.

  • A must read for all who wish to stop the madness….. From Dictatorship to Democracy
    free PDF available online author Gene Sharp.
    This is a feasible layout of how to get your point across without the need for violence….

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