H.J Resolution 14 to begin effectively eliminating Free Speech and Free Press

Author: Silence DoGood

Corrections Update: After reading the Section 1 area of the Resolution Amendment it only applies to Free Speech and doesn’t waive the entire First Amendment but this resolution and others are still a cause for concern because any committee could just slip in more and more.

According to an investigation on the Library of Congress Thomas search engine, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH9) has introduced a House Joint Resolution 14 bill that will effectively and legally begin hacking away at Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances, Freedom to peacefully Assemble aka protesting, and even that the Government cannot force people to join a religion. First of all they will claim it is only to target lobbying corporations and business organizations that buy the members of Congress but the bill will do no good to stop the bad lobbyists that are turning America into a feudal system of corruption in other words fascism but that government is working with the top corporations already. Instead of just passing a bill to limit lobbying or find another way to stop corrupt corporate lobbying, the authoritarians that call themselves “Liberals” or Left-Wingers want to start desecrating political Free Speech and Freedom of the Press and I’ll explain how and why. That is if the bill passes committee, both houses, approved by the President, and then sent to the state legislatures for approval from three-fourths of the states as what is required by the Constitution.

`Section 1. The first article of amendment does not apply to the political speech of any corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or other business organization with respect to the making of contributions, expenditures, or other disbursements of funds in connection with public elections.

It also states in part on “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States waiving the application of the first article of amendment to the political speech of corporations and other business organizations with respect to the disbursement of funds in connection with public elections,” and it doesn’t just include corporations but businesses and associations. It will be the death of the State and National Rifle associations. Any political associations will be threatened with loss of speech and press in regards to criticizing the government by this resolution passing. So far it does not include non-profits and organizations but that could change and force political businesses like Infowars, DrudgeReport, and any commercial news entity to shut up or go to prison. Even The Intel Hub and any 9/11 truth websites can be sent to prison as the judges will rule that they are commercial business entities and are not protected under the 1st Amendment which grants Free Press and Free Speech.

I’ll explain how this works. First of all any rogue police officer that tries to find any excuse to arrest reporters and journalists, activists, and even protesters and give them high prison sentences to get them to shut up politically are usually always protected by Federal and State courts on Constitutional grounds. Usually Journalists have to make money or get donations to fund their operations to do what they have to do. Section 1 will waive the First Amendment away for any corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or other business organization that has any funding or campaign contributions in public elections. Yeah we all know there are evil lobbyists out there that make the general public suffer and in many cases go to prison for violent-less crimes and being labeled as horrible criminals over laws that were contributed by mega corporations and mega banks. The mega banks and corporations do not need the First Amendment because they run the offices of government so the law breaking corporations will continue it’s practice of breaking the law. So in other words if Alex Jones or even Matt Drudge decided to personally contribute money to the Ron Paul Campaign or even Rand Paul campaign or any campaign that fights for Liberty that is unpopular in the Government nowadays then the courts will determine that they will be stripped of their First Amendment rights since they both run news organizations that do make money which is in turn a business and they are connected to their businesses so personal contributions will be proof as ascertained by the court will qualify with Section 1 under the Bill of Rights First Amendment as a business that is meddling with public elections there sanctions will be used against these political business organizations and will either have to be on government money and get their ObamaPhone or they will be waived their First Amendment right. A court would rule that Infowars, The Intel Hub, any business news website that donates to Ron Paul or even Jesse Ventura or even NC Rep. Glen Bradley will be waived their rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Upon this will open a new can of worms which may mean imprisonment or even disappearances of these websites and it’s operators since they no longer will have a First Amendment right, of course they can still cite their State Constitutional rights to Free Speech but I am sure the Feds will rule that they are supreme and will still imprison any political organization that is deemed a money making operation. This will in turn be the death of any alternative media website that runs any small shop or any business operation. That means any political commercial entities will have to get government paychecks to fund their operations or lose their First Amendment rights if they contribute to any pro Liberty candidate that usually never wins any election.

It can even go as far as with a court ruling that if any staff member of alternative media contributes money to the Pro-Liberty campaign candidates then that will waive their organizations First Amendment rights forcing staff to sign waivers that any political speech they make is of their own speech and no longer apart of the organization but even that may not work. Despite the evil things some despotic corporations have done threatening the First Amendment for businesses is not the best way of doing it. The US Government knows that America runs on small businesses and that a business owner might just like Liberty so he contributes money to the Liberty candidates because he believes in Liberty but doing a simple act like that will rid him the rights of the First Amendment depending on whether the court will rule that the free speech denial will just apply to the businesses themselves or whether they also apply to the employees while off and on duty. Altering the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is opening a can of worms, once it becomes altered and the states approve then it may slowly be waived from the general public little by little. Once we accept slowly destroying our Bill of Rights for whatever good purposes our fake democracy creates with two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, then Liberty will be put in jeopardy. America is not a democracy but a republic because if the majority of Islamic people wanted some woman to be raped(Aka violating Islamic Sharia Law) or a man to be tortured they can do so by a vote but in a Constitutional republic we have laws to protect our rights even if a majority of people hates someones guts for their political speech and viewpoints.

Heck by waiving the First Amendment the government could in the future pass legislation forcing businesses to worship Obama as the new Jesus Christ since they don’t have a 1st Amendment prohibiting government from getting involved with religion as it would only apply to regular average joes working slave wage jobs or prison slaves. Businesses would have to say something as stupid as “Heil Obama Jesus Christ! Heil Obama Jesus Christ! We didn’t build that! We will worship you oh heil Obama! We will even give our wives to your government cohorts to do what they want with them! We will even force our children to join the Youth Brigade to serve America under Nazi America! Oh Heil Hitler and Obama!” and by refusing they would go to prison for violating a religious enforcement law for businesses and later for the general public.

I’ll explain why this is happening. They know many people that run political websites are forced to make money to pay the server or shared hosting costs either by running small stores or small businesses or even banner advertisements to pay the hosting costs to run a website. They know radio shows have to have sponsors that are of commercial interest therefore radio shows that have commercial sponsorship and ad slots may also be targeted to be waived of their 1st Amendment rights if they personally contribute any money to any political campaign including hat of Jesse Ventura or Ron Paul or even Virgil Goode. They know they will finally be able to obliterate a majority of free political speech and free press and force them to become pro government messages in the alternative media or cease functioning by court order. Commercial newspapers such as The Denver Post for example will also have to only present pro government and pro authoritarian messages or risk being put under political sanctions as long as their operations comply with Section 1 of the new First Amendment that H.J. Res 14 wishes to create.

Instead political candidates running for election are better off following the Virgil Goode methods where he only accepts campaign contributions up to $200 from each voter or even follow Jesse Ventura’s example of not accepting any lobbyists in his office when he was governor. Instead of chilling the rights of free speech and free press, we need good political candidates that won’t stab their Constituents in the back and won’t get rid of their rights. We need to reform the election system to allow up to five or six political parties on the ballot instead of just the corrupt Republican and Democrat political parties,

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