Guns Do Not Kill People

(TokenLibertarianGirl)   There have been many gun control debates since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. My thoughts are with the victim’s families. Guns are not the problem. The people and our society are the problem.

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  • She’s right….GUNS are not the problem… Actually, it’s the liberal progressive politicans, (Like Feinstein) and the liberal media who are the problem…. And when there are no problems, they’ll create one or more to keep the fires hot…. Just listen to that moron NY City mayor, Bloomberg… (He gets 24/7 bodyguards so what does he care)…. Listen to MSNBC, CNN, especially Solidad O’Brien ABC, & CBS…THEY JUST S U C K with all their BS !!! …and lie as well…

    Oh, and don’t exclude the president…. While acting very presidental and cool, he’s ordered his henchmen in the congress & senate to create the right environment so he won’t look like the bad guy…

    And, if the Congress backs and anti-semi auto ban, we must be sure to VOTE THEM OUT in 2014…and I mean VOTE THEM OUT…especially the Speaker who just doesn’t know how to schmooz people or make good deals…

  • The problem is people on psychiatric drugs. Criminals looking for publicity do not want to die, they want to see the ‘change they make in the world’. Look it up, School shooting cases more often than not involve people who are on "medications" dealing with mental and emotional problems. Check it out:

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