Government to Secretively Scan You for Traces of Drugs, Guns, & Explosives from 164 Feet Away


(THE INTEL HUB)   From smartphones to iPad’s — technology is great, as most of us use it throughout our day as a way of life in the year 2012.

However, now private security firms such as the Chertoff Group, Q-Tel, and other governmental agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) see that it is in the general public’s best interest if they can secretively scan the populace while raking in vast financial gains to boot.

Within the next few years DHS plans to scan you secretively from various locations including at airports with laser-based molecular scanners from distances of up to 164 feet away.

In fact, the machine is so advanced that it can sense traces of drugs, weapons, explosives, and even your adrenaline level, without ever touching you — delivering the information directly to agents through an interface.

In 2011 Genia Photonics Inc.was contracted out by Q-Tel as outlined by PRWeb in a press release entitled “Genia Photonics Inc. announces a strategic partnership and technology development with In-Q-Tel”.

An excerpt reads;

This strategic partnership between Genia Photonics and IQT will promote Genia’s fiber-based laser technology development to a higher level and provide new opportunities for Genia’s product applications. “Genia Photonics’ mission is to provide solutions that benefit society and improve quality of life,” said Dr. François Gonthier, CEO of Genia Photonics. “Our partnership with IQT will create new opportunities for leveraging Genia’s versatile and multifunctional fiber-based technologies into related applications.”

In addition to the value for the defense and security communities, Genia Photonics’ Synchronized Programmable Laser platform has applications such as non-linear spectroscopy for the biomedical and industrial communities. An important benefit of Genia Photonics’ implementation as compared to existing solutions is that the entire synchronized laser system is comprised in a single, robust and alignment-free unit that may be easily transported for use in many environments.

“Our synchronized programmable laser is the best solution for applications in the biomedical, industrial and defense and security communities due to its versatility and its multifunctionality,” said Dr. Alain Villeneuve, CTO of Genia Photonics. “This compact and robust laser has the ability to rapidy sweep wavelengths in any pattern and sequence.”

The technical aspects of the laser are amazing. However, sometimes technology can be to overbearing on human rights and privacy issues to the point where the benefits no longer outweigh the problems.

An excerpt from reads;

The machine is a mobile, rack-mountable system. It fires a laser to provide molecular-level feedback at distances of up to 50 meters in just picoseconds. For all intents and purposes, that means instantly.

The small, inconspicuous machine is attached to a computer running a program that will show the information in real time, from trace amounts of cocaine on your dollar bills to gunpowder residue on your shoes. Forget trying to sneak a bottle of water past security—they will be able to tell what you had for breakfast in an instant while you’re walking down the hallway.

The technology is not new, it’s just millions times faster and more convenient than ever before. Back in 2008, a team at George Washington University developed a similar laser spectrometer using a different process. It could sense drug metabolites in urine in less than a second, trace amounts of explosive residue on a dollar bill, and even certain chemical changes happening in a plant leaf.

And the Russians also have a similar technology: announced last April, their “laser sensor can pick up on a single molecule in a million from up to 50 meters away.”

So if Genia Photonics’ claims pan out, this will be an incredible leap forward in terms of speed, portability, and convenience. One with staggering implications.

This is the next phase of the tyrannical police state planned for us in America, encompassed by terror rhetoric.

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