Government REFORM Group to have national online conference in December

Author: Silence DoGood

A new group that has been created on Facebook called the Government REFORM Group and doesn’t yet have a official webpage as of yet except for the Facebook Group page, has decided to call for a National online skype or Internet conference that will debate how the new trend of popularity for state secession will be used to restore the United States of America republic Federal Government that has been conquered by foreign and private central banking cartels that have no morals nor ethics.

Ever since Alex Jones along with Ron Paul, and Bruce Fein debating on how this secession movement is going to to restore the corrupt and co-opted Federal Government and re-institute a new Federal Government with better checks and balances to peacefully shut down the banker occupation of the United States of America, a new Facebook Group founded by the Former USWGO Head Brian D. Hill that has fought political corruption first hand for years and exposed a lot of dirty underhanded stuff by the corrupt elements of the Federal Government, to basically end corruption and reform the Government.

In December the date and time will likely be announced, with a Minutes being drafted and approved by a majority of the members of the Government REFORM Group, then people will be invited by Facebook Group Event to attend the conference and even register for public comment period, bringing issues to the table as to what plans the GRG will have, and coordinate all different people in different fields of expertise to devise a bulletproof plan to revise the Federal Government and even go as far as coordinating efforts to reforming any corrupt state governments to be able to fully engage in a plan to kick out the central private bankers from governing the United States, bring back representation into the United States.

This message was posted publicly by the group:

Official Announcement from Founder: I am now announcing that when I get back from a vacation I am on, I am announcing that we have a national skype or Internet conference(Americans only!) that is to reexamine our Federal Government and how to reform the government and stop the corruption once and for all, legally and effectively. A Week later we will likely get a conference date and time set-up, with Minutes for the online meeting approved by a majority of the members in this group, how long the meeting will be, whether it will be recorded or that somebody will transcribe the whole meeting into a document that can be publicly viewable, and then set the goals and what certain members will do with their approval, they will decide what roles they wish to play in this movement to restore the republic.

(Another message was posted regarding the Minutes preparation)

Minutes will be drafted within a few days with the advice and consent of the members of this group along with my suggestions. Once an agreement is reached by a majority of people from this very group then the Minutes will be certified with a official seal with my signature verifying that this is the official minutes that will be discussed once the online conference has been started similar to how a town or city Manager and clerk has to help prepare for the minutes for every town or city council meeting. We can organize these efforts so that nobody has to be arrested again for asking questions or giving out petitions simply because of disorganization so we need to organize if we are to win in reforming government so we can all be free and happy again not under a tyrannical police state government that is oppressing and arresting us all while the untouchables(Elite) can murder and rape and get away with it. It is about time government is reformed to come back down to earth and not be hijacked by a group of murderous criminals.

So now it is official, the group will now be drafting the minutes until it is fully created then the Minutes and Agenda of the online conference will be prepared then executed to debate how the American people will legally take back their government from the private central bankers that bragged that they have conquered the United States.

More articles will be written on the Government REFORM Group as they progress towards what Alex Jones and others have been hoping for, to restore the Federal Government and bring back real representation to the United States, and put an end to the One World Government agenda.

Also they need volunteer staff positions to be fulfilled so please go on their Facebook group and apply to be apart of the volunteer staff that will set a good example of a good organized, non-violent, political organization or body-politic that will organize efforts to persuade the state legislature to petition for a new Constitutional Convention for changing the Federal Constitution of the United States. It was the states that created the Federal Government and it’s Constitution, so why not ask the states to reconstitute the Federal Government, to reform it out of the hands of corrupt politicians, and bring it back to it’s old republic before the conquerors (the banks) took over the US Government.

Like the town councils there will be only a new business in their agenda meeting until the group is well established then there will be the old business and new business to set up the framework for real united political activism to take action to reform the Federal Government then move to reform the corruption in the states, then the people shall live happily and prosperous.

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