Government is now the MAFIA, elite people control our personal lives

Author: Silence DoGood

What is the purpose of government? According to the Declaration of Independence governments were instituted upon man to protect our rights and to protect our security. Liberty and Security were suppose to go together in the United States of America whenever it was formed. Governments were only to keep things civil and not violent. Law and Justice was suppose to be the motto. Only crimes which harmed people or was detrimental to society as a whole were prosecuted but never peoples personal choices, beliefs, parenting skills, nor even peoples actions as long as it wasn’t harmful to another.

Now everything in the United States has been regulated which includes commerce, building codes, people’s personal conduct, people’s health choices, people’s food and drink choices, people’s own property, people’s own bodies, and people’s beliefs are beginning to be regulated using thought-crime technology. People can be persecuted for victim-less crimes.

People can go to prison for exposing their local politicians, and politics is far from glamor and is more dirty then anybody can ever imagine. If somebody thinks politics isn’t dirty, cut-throat, full of criminals (with only a select amount of good guys left), and even dangerous to peoples lives then that person is sadly mistaken. Anytime government goes beyond common law and starts arresting people or taking away their rights due to statutes even when no harm nor injury has occurred then government has slowly become force, even against our own free will and choices. If you disagree with the politicians and societies viewpoints your criminalized and thrown into prison and have a nice little criminal record. If you heavily criticize a politician you can be thrown into prison as that politician will hire somebody or use a District Attorney they know by blood to find something on the person and whether some technical law broken to use as blackmail or the person can set you up as a criminal by planting evidence on you to which you will railroaded to prison.

Government in both the Federal and State houses including the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial houses has slowly become MAFIA-like where instead of using the law to protect the people, their rights, their property, and the nations security, the law is being used to make peoples lives a living misery and hell, the law is being used to abuse and poison people, the law is being used to protect corporations that lobby for psychopathic laws to harm people without fear of criminal charges nor being sued, the law is being used to harm both adults and children, the law is used to harass and intimidate the average people, and there are very many examples of the law being used for harm instead of protecting people. If you believe everything I say is nonsense then lets look at some basic laws passed that are hurting the general people and their rights instead of protecting their rights which was why governments were instituted upon man in the first place.

Monsanto is getting laws passed to protect their corporation while regular Non-GMO farmers crops are being destroyed or tainted by the GMO crops thus the regular average farmers are being damaged and injured by crop contamination due to GMO crops, yet laws are passed to protect that corporation thus farmers have no case in court but they can be sued by Monsanto for any reason therefore laws are not being passed for the general people’s benefit but for the benefit of a few people, destroying everyone’s liberties, freedoms, rights, and due process for the protection of the very very few people.

With the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012 it has a provision where an American citizen can be unlawfully detained then imprisoned and having their rights violated at the whim of a public official stating that somebody is a possibly terrorist or even a domestic extremist. Doesn’t matter about any evidence and no court trial will be given simply because the law says so even though it is void due to the Constitution.

The law is always looked at as right but is it really when bad laws are passed and are never repealed and when you try to contact your Congressperson giving them facts, affidavits, documentation, and expert testimony then you usually get a automated formal letter where the Congressperson either makes, passes, or votes no on a bill going against the very facts, affidavits, documentation, and testimony presented to them even going against the concerns by their constitutions. I and many people I know have experienced this and know how crummy and unrepresented I and others feel in the political system. They can pass any law that can affect people in a negative way and damage people like lab-rats and animals and yet we aren’t always being given true representation. If you thought maybe the Feds were the problem then you could go to the state legislature but is the same result but even worse. With them the staff usually states that with Federal issues should just stick to the feds so your pretty much stuck and can never get your issue to the ears of your congressperson without a bribe or a huge protest that can make Martin Luther King Jr. shocked. Politics has become about protest style rebellions or bribes is the only way to change things now. Now protests near any secret service or Federal protected buildings can be a Federal offense despite Freedom to peacefully Assemble in the Constitution. They don’t listen to reason anymore in many cases, they don’t listen to facts or even a signed affidavit proving something to the congressperson. You always get a formal letter where they make the decisions for their constituents instead of the constituents being truly represented by their representative.

They call it representation but it doesn’t seem like it, they call this government a free and great government that protects our rights when our rights are violated most of the time. If you dare expose a corrupt local politician you better be prepared for when they send a SWAT Team to your door and raid your home with a search warrant especially if you own a legal firearm with a registered gun permit which police are really after. You can even be thrown in a mental institution indefinitely for simply criticizing the government, speaking the truth, and talking about sharpening your axe which means that the criminals in the government will be held accountable eventually, that’s what happened to Raub Brandon. You talk about holding the criminals and dirty politicians in government accountable then you get a visit from the secret service. America is slowly becoming communism under the guise of safeguarding the community from any potential threats including terrorists and other potential threats, oh this person who disagrees with the government which is dangerous and the community agrees so this person should disappear, which is the essence of tyranny to make people disappear for their comments against the actions and liars in government to force all people to comply with the wishes of the government and the state instead of representing the people, protecting our rights, and only passing laws which is beneficial not only to the people and their rights but the economical system as a whole.

Now when you expose your local Mayor, State Representative, District Attorney, Judge, or just anybody that you know is corrupt in a government office, that is when people that know too much get forever silenced whether it be prison or even set up for murder to get the death penalty or a high prison sentence after drugs are planted or even another another set up entirely. Government is force and our representatives don’t have to do their job, they don’t have to represent anybody but whom they choose to or even themselves, even with their Oath of Office it is only a limited scope of duties and limits imposed on public officials but if there are no statutory penalties then violating the Oath of Office can be done with no penalties nor criminal charges. When government officials work with criminals and psychopaths and you start exposing that you either end up dead or in prison with people booing at you calling you the worst scumbag criminal ever. For doing good deeds you don’t get rewarded nor even praised instead you get prison time, execution, or even beat up by the common people or the police. Christian’s even admit that Jesus was crucified simply because he challenged the temple and protested and even healed people on the Sabbath. Yes it is a crime to help people in some cases and even healing people that is not approved by Big Pharma is a medical crime by the drug and substance control regulations.

Government is force, government is MAFIA, if you don’t bribe your politicians they won’t listen to you, laws are selectively enforced, there is corruption in all levels of government from federal to state to local councils and commissions, and if you don’t like it then tough. Very few politicians decide the people’s fate for how they act and what actions they take and even for what they say. Representation is a farce especially when the Congress and General Assemblies refuse to increase their number of representatives per district and make smaller districts because that will mean less power for each politician. Congress can be bought and paid for, The Executive branch has it’s own puppet that can also be bribed, and the Judicial branch has slowly rotted into corruption and starting to determine what the law is to the point where the courts are nullifying the laws protecting the people while protecting the corporations, and corrupt law violating powers.

The reason police, state, and local politicians are breaking laws everywhere is due to seeing the top people in the Federal Government openly violating laws and getting away with it. That is a message to lower public officials that they can be corrupt and do whatever they want because they will never be held accountable. That creates in itself a sense of Anarchy because when government feels the right to break laws and above the law then there is no checks and balances, as long as you work for the government you can break any law you want to, it is a sense of Anarchy under the guise of being a legitimate government. How can a government be legitimate and how can we not already be under Anarchy rule by gangs when all criminals in government can be bailed out due to their extreme power while we can end up in prison for simply criticizing a US or state senator, Representative, or even the executive branch. What we are under is a mafia Government and that is the very simple truth that we cannot deny. Government is MAFIA and FORCE!!!!

When Government can openly break the laws then we are no longer under the rule of law but under the law of elites where the lawmakers can make us obey the laws but they don’t have to obey their own laws.

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