Glenn Beck Wears a Freemasonic Patch on his show (04/01/2011)

Below is the broadcast:

28 Responses to Glenn Beck Wears a Freemasonic Patch on his show (04/01/2011)

  • Masons are a benevolent society originally intended to care for the widows & orphans of its members. Skilled Tradesmen first, stone masons etc, then as its purpose & scople increased all men of decent moral & ethical purpose in life became members, George Wasington, Presidents even british royalty & prime ministers joined to be among decent God fearing men who helped society & would not prey on the weak or needy.
    Conspiracy groups who have nothing but the wish of all masons to remain private whisper your cowardly fears & cast false aspersions do more to harm society than you ever do to reveal any thing that is bad.
    Jesse vebntura is a blow hard jerk & so are you guys! Ventura took too many testosterone shots & it has softened his gray matter.

  • I suggest you do some research before commenting on things you have no clue about. Go look up Albert Pike or Manley P. Hall. The Blue Degrees have no idea what the inner circle are up to or that they even exist. And why bring up Jesse Ventura?? People as ignorant as you are the reason this country is in so much trouble. Even George Washington talked about the Illuminati infiltrating the Masons, it is in his own writings in the Library of Congress, I guess he was a conspiracy theorist too. Time to pull your head from your ass Al.

  • That’s not Masonic , maybe a carpenter union patch. They have secret passwords and want to take over the world too .

  • This isn’t masonic. While it has masonic symbolism, it isn’t masonic. I am curious what the symbol is and I would imagine has some historical significance. Freemasonry was totally different in pre-American Revolution. It was subverted before 1825 when it became speculative masonry. The French Revoution was an example of how masons were infiltrated by Jacobins and Illuminists.

  • I know all about them. Washington warned of them in his writings. If you figure out what the patch means please let me know.

  • This is most definitely Masonic — the patch depicts a skull with a compass overhead, and then beneath them appears to be a lamp with a flame burning. All the secret societies have such symbols because each is intertwined at various levels with the others. Watch the “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings” series to understand this — in particular, watch the interview with Dr. Robert Hieronimus. Dr. Bob (as he is called) is closely affiliated with top Masonic leadership in Wash. D.C. He talks about how there are secret societies within other secret societies, and that members of any society are often unaware of them. Beck’s Mormon religion was founded with Masonic rituals, symbols and ceremonies, which Ed Decker has shown in his work. Likely, this is where and why Beck has this emblem which he wears “hidden in plain sight” — one of their favorite things to do.

  • Seriously, we all know who and what the Masons are. Are people seriously going to argue about this? Next we’re gonna argue that republicans are evil and democrats aren’t, or vice versa? CONTROL – I can’t believe anybody even watches the blow hard puppets on tv.

    ~Put Down Your Peace Sign, Raise Your Fist~
    The Bombkamp

  • His pawn status has been blown. He would speak fair 98% of the time but every once in a while he showed his real colors. The idea was to have him gain the trust of millions and then when things went down steer them toward the agenda.

    Now his cover is blown and he’s gone faster than I can recognize a mason symbol.

  • The first reference to a freemason in North America is Jonathan Belcher, born in Boston in 1681, who was initiated into an “occasional lodge” while travelling in Europe in 1704, making him, upon his return to Boston in 1705, the “Senior Freemason of America”. (

    …Is anyone really surprised though? Really..?

  • For masonic 1681 refs, see also: William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

    Penn first called the area “New Wales”, then “Sylvania” (Latin for “forests or woods'”), which Charles changed to “Pennsylvania” in honour of the elder Penn. On March 4, 1681, the King signed the charter and the following day Penn jubilantly wrote, “It is a clear and just thing, and my God who has given it me through many difficulties, will, I believe, bless and make it the seed of a nation.” …Having proved himself an influential scholar and theoretician, Penn now had to demonstrate the practical skills of a real estate promoter, city planner, and governor for his “Holy Experiment”, the province of Pennsylvania. (

    …or it could just be a load of bullshit to throw people off. You think people like Beck don’t know what everyone on the net says about them? Same with Kanye West and his full-on masonic imagery inspired video with the Horus pendant and all that bollocks. He may well just be doing it to mess with your heads. Or maybe not…

  • No way is this true!!

  • Does nobody else realise this happened on april fools day?

  • George Washington was a 33 degree Mason that is true, but this was BEFORE the ILLUMINATI INFILTRATED it and took it over. The Masons today here, and for the past 200 years or so, is not the same Masons it was BEFORE that time in this country. It was infiltrated and changed, at least at the top levels, when the One Worlders – the Illuminati infiltrated it and took it over. It is the power behind all the secret societies and One World Govt. Freemasons are bad dudes, but even their own members do not know this until they reach the 33 degree level. IT is the underlings who are the cover for those at the top. They just don’t know it. They operate as most all secret societies do, under the ‘need to know’.

  • Are you kidding me? If this is a ‘secret society’ and Beck is part of it then WHY would he wear the patch on his show? I mean he does broadcast world wide correct?
    I think the Masons of George Washingtons time is as one blogger stated, a different thing than some of the Masons today.
    Sending out e-mails and mindless crap such as this is exactly what is WRONG with America today. TRUTH has no agenda. This story does. They seek to discredit Beck with lies, half truths and conspiracy BS.
    If you want to attack why don’t you attack Soros? How about holding him accountable? How about holding the liberal media accountable?
    the media should be the protector of we the people. Instead they are part of this progressive/socialist crap happening in our country today.
    It appears the patch is there but what is its true meaning? Why not ask Mr. Beck what it means to him and why he wore it?

  • Ridiculous. Not a masonic patch.

    As an actual master mason, and a 32nd degree mason in the scottish rite, I love to go to these sites every couple of months and get a good laugh.

    I would love to hear more about the “illuminati” infiltrating and taking over the “masons”. Haha. That’s a good one.

    Masonry, freemasonry, is a benevolent society. What the fella up there says about the blue lodge degrees not knowing what “the rest” are doing is to demonstrate an utter ignorance of the degree process, and the different masonic bodies. The scottish rite has its own lessons, of course, but in no way does a 33rd degree mason outrank a master mason. The 33rd degree has no meaning in a blue lodge. Also there is no being out ranked in masonry. Of course we have a great amount of deference to the 33rd degree masons who have served masonry for usually 25 years or so before they receive the degree, and I can say that having spent a lot of time around an S.G.I.G Sovereign Grand Inspector General and a G.C. Grand Cross that they are both wise men who I have the utmost respect for.

    The point is that your ideas about masonry are a fantasy. Pure fantasy. Its an interesting story and boy I wish it were true so I could call up Rothschild and ask him for a few million dollars to hand out to my fellow masons who are struggling in retirement, and yet dedicate their time and effort to helping new young men understand the work of the lodge and become better people.

    I wish you could see inside, and not because it would make you sick with remorse for the crap you say about freemasonry, but so your life could be better, and your heart and soul and mind made better. So you could see the love for learning, for history, for this country, for comradery that we live everyday in our lodges everywhere across this country.

    It would be a great deal for you, sir.

  • Regarding “An actual Mason says”.
    I am also a member of a Blue Lodge and a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how you put that. I am constantly amazed at the abject ignorance that is being spewed by people who simply don’t take the time to actually look into anything but the conspiracy theories, even though volumes are available.
    Most of our lodges and valleys can barely pay the bills let alone conspire to a new world order. We do our best to conduct ourselves among our fellow man in the best, most charitable, and most honourable way we can. Freemasons are not about political and religious conquest, we are about development of men into gentlemen who understand concepts of duty, honour, charity, honesty, and circumscription of human passions. If people can have a problem with that, then I am afraid for human kind.
    I don’t know if the patch Beck was wearing was Masonic. The compass, representing the circumscription of human passions, the skull, representing the mortality of man and therefore the need to do right in mortal life are familiar. The other elements, not so much, but what I do know is that Freemasonry is a beautiful system of moral training that the world would benefit from if they were not so prone to ignorance. If Beck is a Freemason, I will forgive him for some of his obvious flaws because I at least know that he is concerned with his moral development, even though he is flawed.

  • That isn’t a Masonry patch, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s probably something Beck drew up just to keep the tongues of paranoid, under-medicated conspiracy nuts wagging. Judging by this “article” and some of the reactions here, it looks like he achieved his goal.

  • The Catholic Church knows enough about the Freemasons to forbid anyone joining them because for years the masons made it clear that they are dedicated to destroying the Church. The Church forbids the taking of any secret oaths. If they’re secret, why do some people defend them, if they don’t know what real secrets they’re keeping? I think most people are suspicious of "secret" societies.
    Over the past centuries in Europe, where the masons had been born and spread, like in Scotland, England and France and others, they were rich, protective of each other, in politics and public offices, businessmen, bankers,they were known to kill and be corrupt and to do as they liked.
    Not being able to spread so well, because the public was aware of their evil law-unto-themselves, the masons developed a more public persona that actually put on a benevolent face, giving money, careful to be seen helping women and children and what society sees as good. All the while, hiding their nefarious face and working behind the scenes toward their real goal of world domination.
    I believe the Illuminati took over the Freemasons in order to promote their one world idea, just as they took over and supported Communism so that they could work under the guise of something else.
    I think there are a lot of good people that want to be Freemasons like the Rotary Club, etc, members who do good in society, but they are quite strong now, since many people turn their backs on God and take on memberships in things like this to replace God. I don’t think the people doing the good know what evil world power is behind the facade.

    Also, when TV shows like the History Channel and others, go all out to defend the masons, didn’t someone say that the masons control TV, media and Hollywood? Did you know that most presidents have been Freemasons except the assassinated ones?
    I watch Beck, but every now and then he says something that makes me doubt him!!

  • I don’t know about all the masons for sure but i can say that when you ask one to put a sack over their head and take their shirt off and go into a closet and when they come out of the dark closet as part of the ritual for the 1st step and you tell them you are bringing them out of the dark into the light…well only Jesus can do that!! Nuf said!

    I personally watch a local order call on and woo my elderly neighbor ….seems they sure love these widows…yes, Jesus instucts us to take care of the widows…but not in the manner I see them calling on her…just waiting seems like for her to sign over everything she has to them. I take her to quite a few functions..and for a group that claims to be such Christians…EVERY time I bring up Jesus and guess what…it literally leaves them SPEECHLESS…no reply about anything i say…they just LOOK AT ME…like I have just said an ugly word…not one single reply…NOTHING..AS IN NO REPLY..DEAD SILENCE.

  • Full disclosure: Master Mason, 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, Junior Warden of my lodge and the VP of a Masonic Motorcylce Riders Association that’s doing a dastardly evil toy drive and ride in the morning to get presents to kids in a Children’s hospital in our state. Contrary to the poster who thinks Masons visit the elderly to take from them hasn’t a clue. Does he take time out of his day to visit the elderly? I somehow doubt it. Before the History Channel and the internet, Masons were known for building hospitals and old folks homes for the needy. The Shriners, another Masonic orginization, have hospitals all over the country that provide treatment to children completely free of charge. Those terrible terrible Masons. Do yourselves a favor. Get off the internet. Turn off the TV and, visit a lodge for yourself. You just might learn something important.

  • I don’t know where this idea came from that Freemasonry was different before 1825, but its a load of crap. Obviously some things have changed in 200 years, but I would not say that today’s Masonry is “different”. Freemasonry did not change in 1825. By the way, there is a man in my lodge who happens to be 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite, and is one of the most devout Christians I have ever met. He certainly does not control the world or anything like that.

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