German freed after murdering Afghans

Germany has discontinued investigating a soldier who killed an Afghan woman and two children last year, citing murder by fright as just cause.
The unnamed staff sergeant from the 350th Military Police Battalion killed the civilians in a hail of bullets on August 28, 2008, when he opened fire at them from behind in the town of Kunduz, reported Spiegel Online last week.

He claimed that he was frightened of being attacked and therefore decided to act preemptively against the Afghans, although the car the family were traveling in had turned round and was moving away from the German checkpoint.

At the time, the Kunduz Chief of Police and Security, Abdul Rahman Aqdash, blasted the Germans for being trigger-happy.

Nevertheless, German authorities decided that the fact that the soldier was frightened justified his attack.

The soldier’s attorney, Berlin lawyer Klaus Lübke welcomed the decision, as it was “an important signal to German troops in Afghanistan,” who now have a de facto immunity to shoot first and ask questions later, in whatever circumstances that they see fit.

Since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan by the US and its allies, ostensibly to liberate the Afghans from the tyranny of the Taliban, thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed by the occupation forces.

Observers have blamed the resulting resentment for the resurgence of the Taliban whose ranks are thought to be reinforced by those seeking revenge after losing their relatives to their Western ‘liberators’.


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