General Wesley Clark: Current Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years

wesley clark on 911

(FEDERALJACK)   In this stunning but little-known speech from 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claims America underwent a “policy coup” at the time of the 9/11 attacks. In this video, he reveals that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.


9 Responses to General Wesley Clark: Current Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years

  • Maybe this is true and maybe it isn’t but some references to this are mentioned in former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates’ recent book… But one has to take a good look at Clark’s background and then ask, “why now” is this coming to light via him”… It’s been around for some time, now… To me, he’s a political hack who ran for president that used to wear a uniform…

    And, by the way, we never learned why he was suddenly relieved from command as NATO Commander, several years ago… It was all swept under the carpet… I just have a hard time believing anything this guy says and why NOW???… Maybe bc the Mid-Terms are coming up and it’s time to smear the Republicans…

    I’m sure I’ll get beat up over this but this is one general I have no faith in…

  • What I didn’t mention in my above comments is that plans are plans but don’t mean diddley unless they’re executed… I’m sure we have plans to invade Mexico and Canada and I’m equally sure that the people of the New World Order have their dirty little fangs in there, as well…

  • Sparkly is clearly a govt troll. Probably paid by the pentagon to troll alternative media sites and spew garbage. The Cass Sunstein affect

  • For CAMB…Gov’t Troll, my ass… Clark is an AH, period…

  • And a political hack, at best…Do your research and see the his debates in the past…

  • “Sparky” is a shithead! General Clark and I both have Silver Stars, the third highest Medal for Valor in this Country, and he’s a good friend of mine. He speaks the truth and I hope he’s the next Vice President with President Hillary (“Cut the balls off the R’s yesterday!) Rodham Clinton. General Clark will make Donald “The Draft Dodger” Trump eat the shit his Grandfather brought here from Germany when he was running his Prostitution and illegal booze business until the Canadian Police chased his punk ass back to Germany! That’s where the Trump illusion or delusion of “money” came from! Shithead! READ! Or, shut up!

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