Gawker Posts Full List of All “Asshole” New York City Licensed Gun Owners

(Ben Shapiro)   In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the Journal News in upstate New York published a map with the addressees of all gun permit holders in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam. The nation was rightly outraged at this violation of basic privacy, and the threat implicit in the publication.

Just in case that was too subtle, Gawker has now published a complete list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. The headline? “Here Is a List of All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City.” Writes the author, John Cook:

Below is a 446-page list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. I obtained it from the NYPD two-and-a-half years ago via a Freedom of Information Law request. Because the NYPD is more interested in raping and/or eating ladies and spying on Muslims than it is in honoring public records law, the list contains only the names, and not the addresses, of the licensees…

Here’s the full, searchable, NYPD list. (And for the record, they are not all assholes. Some of them need guns for legitimate reasons for their jobs, like providing security for assholes.)

Full story here

6 Responses to Gawker Posts Full List of All “Asshole” New York City Licensed Gun Owners

  • I sure hope that John Cook’s name gets spread through NYC and if one or more of the gun owners he’s outed sould happen to cross his path, I sure hope they beat the living shit out of him fo putting their lives in danger…

  • pathetic mind controlled citizen. So we are the "A Holes" when we own what our constitution says we should? why won’t these weirdos just move to China?

  • He should be applauded for the list. Now all the scumbags will avoid these owners homes, but the ones not on the list will be the targets for lots of crimes.

  • I don’t like guns but this publication is dangerous for some people.

  • I’m not surprised. This kind of spin on news is exactly why I stopped visiting that site a year ago!

  • The Gawker staff are worse than assholes. They are subhuman communist traitor organized criminal piles of loose fecal matter that does not qualify as human. They will be sued for the problems that they cause. That will be in the very near future. In the not very distant future these scum will have provoked a civil war that they will lose and they will pay the consequences. That is my prediction.

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