FOX News Busted… Again, Fake Reports of Violence at Wisconsin Protests

3 Responses to FOX News Busted… Again, Fake Reports of Violence at Wisconsin Protests

  • Shut up bitch. So the constant slanderous chants of “Fox News lies” is OK with you? And the O’Reilly Factor clarified the Sacramento clip with the statement that they were covering protests nationwide, not just in Wisconsin. Mike Tobin’s comment however was related to Wisconsin.

    So once again the Lame Stream Media lies about Fox News [not] lying.

  • Your reply alone says it all. Let me guess, you like Glenn Beck too.

  • Well, from the footage of Tobin, it looked to me like that guy in the foreground hit Tobin with a sign and then turned away; but the video is such poor quality that I can’t tell for certain. As for the O’Reilly Factor business, again the the liberal media neglects to mention that O’Reilly’s show isn’t even advertised as news (it’s an opinion show), and we weren’t really given the full story because, as TheTruth pointed out, O’Reilly was covering protests nation-wide. I don’t really think the liberal media has any room to talk, considering they’ve intentionally used the news for political purposes and continue to do so. This isn’t any sort of bust, except by the idiotic standards set by the left.

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