Florida Law Eliminates Gun Restrictions

(BOB LIVINGSTON)   The Florida State Legislature has taken significant steps toward eliminating restrictions that had been previously placed on firearms, according to The New American.

Helping to protect 2nd Amendment rights for citizens, the measures would impose penalties on public officials who pass or enforce gun regulations at the State level, reported the website.

Legislators who violate the law face punishments that include a $5,000 personal fine and the risk of being removed from office by the Governor of Florida. The State has already enacted legislation that made it illegal to pass regulations beyond those that were imposed in 1987, The New American reported.

Governor Rick Scott has signed the Penalties for Violating Firearms Preemption Law, a measure that forces the repeal of all regulations passed in violation of the 2nd Amendment, according to the website.

The enacting of the legislation in Florida comes while the State Congress is in recess, a time when gun law expert John M. Snyder notes that Americans should go to their Representatives and proclaim their support for less regulation concerning firearms, an essay for GunRightsPolicies.org read.

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4 Responses to Florida Law Eliminates Gun Restrictions

  • “should not be infringed” What part don’t you ass holes understand???????

  • Now that’s what I call, AWAKE! Good for Florida, others states should follow suit.

  • We need this law in Texas. I’m working on my congressman and senators too ! Now Ineed to work on Perry .Good Job Florida to the right to bear arms !! Agree AndyA all states should of already done this with Florida.

  • I would also like to ad that they should make a similar law like that for the first amendment that way it will keep out politicians that don’t like freedom of speech like Lieberman and that Supreme Judge Sunstein along with Harry Reid, Poloski, ect.
    Automatic fine and lost of their government job, never to return. something like that!

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