Florida Authorities In Hysterical Crusade Against First Amendment

(INFOWARS)   The fact that a vast majority of respondents support the people putting up the flyers proves that the spin being put out by Florida TV stations and newspapers, as well as local authorities, that the posters represent some kind of assault on the poor victims of Clermont and that a majority of people are “disgusted” by them, is a manufactured and contrived hoax.

The respondents point out that there was little talk of vandalism and arrests when people were putting up flyers depicting George W. Bush as Hitler, a blood-sucking vampire, or indeed as the Joker, and nor should there have been because it’s clearly free speech protected by the first amendment. Posting flyers on federal property is illegal but at best can be treated as a nuisance and not as if a gang of serial killers are on the loose, as the media and police are hysterically characterizing it in Clermont.

Others point out that Obama himself encouraged his supporters to plaster flyers with his face on them not just on designated public billboard space, but on federal property and stop signs across the country.

As we reported on Wednesday, Obama praised artist Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obama ‘hope’ and ‘progress’ flyers, and expressed his satisfaction that they were being placed on stop signs, which are government property. There was no outrage in Clermont, no arrests, and no call for criminal charges when pro-Obama posters were being plastered up everywhere.

Will Florida police and media outlets start calling for the arrest of Obama and his supporters for posting their flyers in public places?

“Apparently the First Amendment is only allowed if you are in agreement with the current chosen one. When the Obama campaigners were told to plaster his “artwork” on government property (stop signs) they were praised by Obama, his cronies NOW want us to believe it is a hate crime to plaster his Joker posters,” writes one respondent to the Sentinel article, “While the Office of the President should be respected, the office-holder must show the respect of the United States of America AND our US Constitution. Then, and only then will I respect the individual who holds that office.”

Other respondents tackle the hypocrisy of how some on the left treat the first amendment after Obama came to office, seemingly dispensing with the legitimate concern they had for the decline of free speech under the Bush administration.

“Where the heck were the police when anti-Bush posters were posted on every corner? Where were the police when anti-Reagan graffiti and stickers were put on stop signs and mailboxes? For that matter, where was the media when anti-war protestors disrupted townhall meetings? Where were they when students disrupted speeches from conservatives and Republicans? The hypocrisy of the left, media and now police boggles the mind. I for one hope that any case they press is thrown out of court in the first minute as the actions of the police in this case is simply a violation of Constitutional rights,” writes one respondent.

“So someone wants to caricature the President and post political cartoons, I would think these same liberal hotheads that have pushed so hard for the rights of political expression would stand up in this kids defense; but I suppose those rights don’t matter if it’s against “their boy,” adds another.

Comment after comment expresses support for the first amendment and the fact that it is more important to tolerate the minor nuisance of a few posters on private or government property than to viciously attack people exercising their free speech and call for arrests and criminal charges.

“Last I checked this is America and as long as it is not threatening to do harm, we can say whatever we want about any elected official, or display a image of them,” writes one respondent.

“Surely the police in Clermont can find something better to do with their time,” adds another.

“Dear Leader is demanding this. Poor guy will probably have to go to re-education camp,” jokes another.

Another facet to the Orlando Sentinel story is that the article is preceded by an image of a sign mounted on the back of a truck which reads “We Are USA Leave Healthcare Alone”. This has obviously been placed by the owner of the truck, but the fact that it precedes an article about “vandalism” hints that exercising the first amendment, even when using your own private property, is a criminal offense.

But the majority are seeing past the contrived phony outrage and encouraging others to stand up to the chilling effect and proudly exercise their first amendment rights more aggressively than ever.

“These posters should be displayed all over Orange County,” writes one.

“How can I get some of these posters so we can plaster them all over Jacksonville?” asks another.

“I agree Obama’s mug is offensive. However, what he is trying to impose on this country should be criminal. Clermont don’t worry about the messenger, the real thug lives up the road in a big White House,” writes another.



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