FEMA Stops People From Sending Donated Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

(SHELTER ISLAND REPORTER)   Televised and published pictures plus personal appeals of Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey touched the hearts of Shelter Islanders who generously filled truckloads of clothing and other goods bound for Island Park and Long Beach last week. But the word from the Federal Emergency Management Agency now is “stop.”

It’s not that the victims of Sandy have their needs met, but that FEMA has strict rules what can and can’t be accepted.

“We stopped taking things now,” said Marie Eiffel whose boutiques on Shelter Island and in Sag Harbor have been drop-off centers for goods that Sweet Tomato’s Jimi Rando trucked to neighborhoods devastated by Sandy.

“It was great,” Ms. Eiffel said. “We did get to those people before FEMA stepped in and it was a great turnout,” she said of the goods contributed by her friends and neighbors to boost the relief effort. Not only did Ms. Eiffel make her stores a drop-off point, but she contributed some of her own store inventory.

Shelter Island Police Officers Tom Cronin and Terrance LeGrady have suspended their efforts launched by Officer Cronin’s wife Susan, who posted a Face Book plea for contributions.

“We brought up a huge load and it was gone in 48 hours,” Officer Cronin said.

Officer Cronin said he understands FEMA’s need to coordinate what’s coming in and where it’s being distributed. At the same time, he resists the FEMA plea for people to give money, saying he prefers to know exactly what is being received by disaster victims.

Cash is the most efficient method of donating, according to the FEMA website, because it gives agencies flexibility in obtaining the most-needed resources. Cash also saves staff from sorting through donations in order to redirect them to where they’re needed.

FEMA suggests contributing through various trusted organizations in the community, including church groups. And in addition to national groups like the Red Cross, each state maintains its own list of volunteer organizations that spring into action when a disaster hits.

A community in need can “become easily overwhelmed with the amount of generous people who want to help,” according to FEMA. “Contacting and affiliating with an established organization will help to ensure that you are appropriately trained to respond in the most effective way.”


9 Responses to FEMA Stops People From Sending Donated Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

  • Help for sandy homeless Turned away by the Red Cross and Fema

    Ginny’s Thrift shop and food Panty and the people of Leominster Ma. raised money made donations and loaded a 26ft truck full of food water and clothing. volunteers packed food boxes so that each box held enough food to feed 2 or more people for 3 days (banana boxes containing things like tuna fish ,macaroni and chees, soups etc ) to help the victems of hurricane sandy .they purchased New socks underware and gloves for both male and female. they had donations of pallet of water an 13 gallon containers with Blanket and clothes. Ginney and a food pantry volunteer drove the truck to breesy point and rockdale NY after making Prior contact with firefighter in queens NY and the District attoneys office on statin Island . upon there arrival they were turned away because they were told donations of food could not be accepted, orders had been issued banning food donations. They then tried to donate the Items to the Red cross and to Fema for distrubution both organizations turned them down. Tonight as I write they are trying to make there way back home hoping and praying they have enough gas to get back into connecticut. Red cross workers did accept gift cards for Dunkin Donuts,Targets and walmart.
    Giinys thrift shop and food pantry and the people of Leominster and the surrounding towns and area businesses over the years have help people all over the country from New Olreans and Missippi to Joplin Mo and they sent a cargo container to Haitia after the earthquake They have never turned away . What is going on in NY with City Officials Red cross and Fema?.

  • This is the EXACT same shit FEMA pulled after Katrina. They turned away medical assistance, water, food, fuel, pretty much EVERYTHING! They went around Jefferson Parish and actually cut their phone lines, so that only the "government" version of events, including the fictitious "looting" that was going on, was reported. The president of Jefferson Parish had the sheriff re-establish the phone lines, and post deputies along the lines with orders to arrest anybody from FEMA who got anywhere near the lines.

    In short, both of these FEMA "responses" are nothing short of dress rehearsals for martial law.

  • The Fed gov is illegal, immoral and run by satanists. Soon, they will be pulling this crap w/o a hurricane. It is just a matter of time. Don’t give up your weapons.

  • That was to be expected. We have seen it with Katrine. Why would it be different this time? But just go back to the TV and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • And the Americans voted the same guy in again?

  • "The word" from FEMA is stop, and those people stopped accepting donations … wait a minute, where’s the connection? What form of "word" does FEMA put out? They don’t have a court order, they’re not our employer, so what do they have?

  • When a law of the Eternal God is broken, punishment will always follow.
    USA Has:
    Caused Drought – Now they have drought.
    Starved Millions – Now millions are starving.
    Caused Floods – Now they have floods.
    Destroyed Millions of Homes – Now Homes are being destroyed.
    Destroyed the Infra-structure
    of Many nations. – Now theirs are being destroyed.
    Killed Millions – Now they are being killed.
    Plundered Nations – Now they are being plundered.
    Tortured Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    Enslaved Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    God Is Not Mocked

  • Another example of FEMA’s sterling performance. And since when are they our boss anyways? Of course they just want money so they can pilfer most of it for them selves. What a bunch of Satanic assholes. And our tax dollars pay for this crap?


  • WTF! They want money not food and supplys, Because they don’t know who to send it to? That is the biggest line of BS I ever heard. Uh hello! send it to the people who need it! You friggin gestapo goons. They won’t do anything with the money either put pocket it, and then give there cut to the senate Obama and other mobb bosses. Then lie and say we just don’t have enough to help. And then when people get mad they will pretend they have a riot and then beat people, steal there items they do have and cut the phone lines. WTF! For the love of God, how could anyone praise fema? What kinda help organization refuses food and other items to help people in need? I tell you who does. Evil fascist monsters thats who! Thats what Fema is. They are like the modern day SA or SS. In America we even have a SS now. They are so arrogant now they admit state security SS, c’mon AMERICA WAKE UP! If admitting they refused food and other items to help people which is what there job is supposed to be, to help people, Yet they admit refusing to help. If that does not wake you up what will? And the kicker is this is all funded by our hard earned tax dollars too. WAKE UP!

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