FEMA Lets Texas Burn by Turning Away Thousands

(RTR)   In this report Gary Franchi delivers the breaking story about FEMA doing a Katrina repeat by blocking volunteers and letting towns burn. He also looks at the new Ron Paul Campaign ad, tracks down some explosives that DHS lost and looks at a sterilized grade school curriculum for students in the UK leaving out an important perspective on the events of September 11th. In our Deeper Look segment Gary goes over the history of FEMA’s blunders and how Congressman Paul and Former FEMA Director Michael Brown feel about the agency.


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5 Responses to FEMA Lets Texas Burn by Turning Away Thousands

  • AGENDA 21 wildlife corridors


    This is an opportunity the UN cannot turn down…

  • Can’t call them FEMA blunders, they are intentional actions, not mistakes.

  • Wake up people. Kick FEMA out of your community NOW before it burns all of TEXAS. They are federal and you are local. Get rid of them. Take care of yourself. Your consent to FEMA keeps them there. STOP CONSENTING TO MURDEERRS, DESTROYERS AND THIEVES who want YOUR DESTRUCTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY. YOUR DEMISE IS THEIR GOAL. Please get this message.

  • Thank you, wonder ann. We’re Texans! We should be armed to the teeth and start firing on the FEMA agents. FEMA has effectively declared war on ALL effected Texans for pushing off all of the volunteer firefighters. The Herald-Banner of my local town in Greenville, TX, reported just yesterday in that edition that the firefighters of my town were being summoned to fight the wildfires of Central Texas. We should take FEMA’s actions as hostile as they really are. All of Texas is nothing more than one giant fucking tinder box and has been since late June to current. Granted weaker winds will help to keep these wildfires from spreading really fast, but it won’t make any difference if noone’s around to friggin’ put the fires out!

    The National Weather Service predicts rain and storms by this Friday. Yeah… right. With noone fighting the fires, eventually they will come to devour the ENTIRE State of Texas. Millions will lose their homes, and if FEMA refuses to let anyone else to take up water arms against the wildfires… eventually after the State of Texas is a pile of smoldering ruins, what’s left of the U.S. will surely burn, except the flooded out places for much of the East Coast and North East anyways.

  • It’s only going to get worse. Satan is on an all out attack against the citizens of this earth and he is using the government to do it. The head of the governments of the world are absolutely powerless to stop it. “Woe to the earth and to the sea because the devil has come down to you knowing he has a short period of time”. The Governments are only serving their master. Soon Babylone the great(the world empire of false religion) will fall. The pope is on his way the the international court of human rights. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. You will all see that I am right. Patriotism didn’t help the citizens of Noahs day and it won’t help today. Only the true God will help.

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