Feds To Test Anthrax Shot on Kids: U.S. panel backs anthrax experiments on children

(William Campbell Douglass II, MD)   It’s the biggest medical scandal in U.S. history… and it hasn’t even happened yet!

The feds are getting ready to pump children and possibly babies full of the anthrax vaccine — despite the fact that this same vaccine has already been linked to nerve damage, autoimmune disorders and even DEATH in adults.

Of course, they know this will be a hard sell to an American public that’s becoming increasingly skeptical of vaccines — so they’re pushing it forward the only way they can: with ruthless fear-mongering.

“At the end of the day, do we want to wait for an attack and give it to millions and millions of children and collect data at that time?” Daniel B. Fagbuy, chair of the National Biodefense Science Board panel that signed off on the plan, told the Washington Post.

What utter and despicable nonsense. Anthrax is not like the flu — it doesn’t spread from person to person. Someone with anthrax can sneeze right in your face, and you wouldn’t get the disease.

The only way to get it is to come into direct contact with anthrax spores — and when that happens, there’s already a safe and highly effective way of dealing with it: antibiotics for those exposed.

In other words, the danger is neither clear nor present — and if that ever changes, we can deal with it easily enough when the time comes.

But the NBSB claims we “need” (yes “NEED”) to know right now if the vaccine is safe for children, if it’s effective and what dose should be used.

Think of the logistics of figuring that out. To test safety, you’d have to inject a bunch of children and babies and then see how many are left standing (or crawling).

Then, if you have enough kids left, you can start to tinker with the dose and test for effectiveness.

Ethically, the only option here is to test for antibodies after the shots — but let’s be realistic here: Antibodies alone won’t tell the whole story. The only way to REALLY tell for sure if the vaccine actually prevents anthrax is to deliberately expose the children to anthrax — including an unvaccinated control group.

And if you think our government would never, ever do something like that… well, you just don’t know our government very well.



6 Responses to Feds To Test Anthrax Shot on Kids: U.S. panel backs anthrax experiments on children

  • Seems like the Gov’t did this before. Can you say Muskeke??

  • Sure! No problem, Just give it to the politicians kids and the pharmaceutical CEO’s kids first. After all, it IS SAFE, Isn’t it?

  • The United States is a host nation for the Zionist Jews who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation from the inside.
    The Constitution has been replaced by the Talmud–which is micromanaging every aspect of Gentile life with focus on depopulation. “It is the solemn duty of every Jew, to inflict his wrath upon the goyim” But its all secret: hidden in plain sight. What is going to be the flash-point? Killing our children with vaccinations? The AIDS virus was created just for this. If it is injected and he kids get sick, the doctors will never diagnose AIDS. (AMA is a Eugenics Foundation)
    And, since all the kids won’t die at once– it won’t seem like mass murder.)

  • Sure, you can give it to the Feds’ kids first, but what do you think they’ll be taking? Same thing Nobama’s kids got when they CLAIMED they got the flu shot. Probably Vit B12……just like the picture they showed of Nobama swimming in the oil ridden Gulf of Mexico with his daughter. That pic wasn’t even taken anywhere near the Gulf.

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