FBI Pays a Visit to Federaljack (04/15/2011)


5 Responses to FBI Pays a Visit to Federaljack (04/15/2011)

  • go read jesse ventura’s new book–these are not fbi–they are dogs of the nwo–traitors to the constitution-war criminals-baby killers-traitors who should be prosecuted for treason against the constitution -the kind of scum you cant wash off

  • Well, I hope you realize that this is a war between God and Satan and that you are unnecessariy putting yourself and your family members at risk by putting yourself in this position “Popeye”. Alex Jones is leading a lot of people in opposition against God with his patriotic mumbo jumbo. He totally disregards Romans 13:1-5. What you are up against is way beyond your league. You are no match for Satan who is presently the “God of this system of things” (2 Corinthians 4:4) Do you think Noah was worried about patriatism before the great flood? The most important thing you should be doing right now is warning all of inhabitants of the earth of the destruction of the wicked soon to come. The truth is Satan is using, politics,education,media,false religion and yes patriatism to turn your attention away from the true God Jehovah. He is soon to be destroyed and he wants to take down as many people as possible.

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