Fake Picture Used As Osama Bin Laden Was On A Forum In 2010! (Pics)

(THE INTEL HUB) The picture also appeared in April 2009 on The Peoples Voice.

Hat Tip to Mike Rivero of What Really Happened.

As one of the largest corporate media frauds in history continues, The Guardian, who didn’t print the fake, and others are attempting to blame conspiracy theorists for the OBVIOUS fake picture of a dead Osama Bin Laden.

The simple fact is that so called conspiracy theorists are the ones that BROKE the fake Osama Bin Laden picture story. We are now at a point in history were the corporate controlled media is failing on every level and to make up for their obvious fraud they are attempting to shift the blame to those on the internet.

The corporate media ran this picture as a real picture of Osama Bin Laden UNTIL they were caught. This wasn’t an accident, this was directly part of the psi op!

Here is a picture of the photoshoped Osama Bin Laden Picture that appeared on an Arabic forum in 2010. The forum was immediately taken down last night but not before i took screen shots.

You can see the date in the right hand corner.

Side By Side of the Fake Pic and A Real Pic Of Osama


One Response to Fake Picture Used As Osama Bin Laden Was On A Forum In 2010! (Pics)

  • A persons opinion can not be argued without evidence, since government has gotten rid of all evidence that might prove are disprove that they actually killed Bin Laden by droping the body quickly into the sea, “WE THE PEOPLE” most believe what we are told, are be considered not a patriot. Same scenario as in the past , believe as we say are you are not a “True American”. Obama given credit for a choice, that in all truth would seem to a” True American” was easy for the man. Obama has not been a good president, proof look at the nation. Every action he and government has taken, seem to have but one plan, drive the nation into bankruptcy. The choice to go into Pakistan and break laws that could have bad repercuussion for the nation. I really do not feel this was ever worried about, if it does cause problems for the nation so be it, the end of the Republic will just be sooner then later. Or government sending in seals acting like mafia assasins, when the right choice if possible , to catch the man, bring him to trial and try and find the truth. But it would look to a “True American” that the truth worries our corrupt government. Show the world that america is a nation of good and fair people, instead government tainted the issue with thier actions. Now government is talking about it, kind of bragging , knowing full well it is not wise. Bin Laden though dead is still a danger to this nation, he has a loyal following that is still a threat to “WE THE PEOPLE” , government wanting to use this to benefit thier personal lifes and help to scare the people. Possibly to use again to take more rights and give them and excuse to make more government . Seem not to care, let the man rest in peace quit using the man for your benefit, shut up. My opinion they did not kill Bin Laden and the actions taken after, well would look to a “True American” that they where getting rid of all evidence quickly. No this is the same government that though actions have put this nation here, they can not be trusted.Another issue it happens to be in time with the birth certificate, this akes me think that is allso a lie , BIN LADEN to take the heat off the lie “JUST MY OPINION THOUGH, THATS COMING FROM A TRUE AMERICAN

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