Facing Ninth Deployment, Army Ranger Kills Himself. ‘No Way’ That God Would Forgive Him For What He’d Seen, Done, He Told Wife

(Susie Madrak )   The people who should be worried about going to hell are the bastards who sent these soldiers over there for no good reason, and then refuse to pay for the help they need when they come back:

JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD, Wash. – A soldier’s widow says his fellow Army Rangers wouldn’t do anything to help him before he took his own life – after eight deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Army found Staff Sgt. Jared Hagemann’s body at a training area of Joint Base Lewis McChord a few weeks ago.

A spokesman for the base tells KOMO News that the nature of the death is still undetermined. But Staff Sgt. Hagemann’s widow says her husband took his own life – and it didn’t need to happen.

“It was just horrible. And he would just cry,” says Ashley Hagemann.

Ashley says her husband Jared tried to come to grips with what he’d seen and done on his eight deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“And there’s no way that any God would forgive him – that he was going to hell,” says Ashley. “He couldn’t live with that any more.”

More U.S. soldiers and veterans have died from suicide than from combat wounds over the past two years.

And as a special way of thanking those who served, Texas Republicans want to make it harder for young, homeless and traumatized veterans to vote.


5 Responses to Facing Ninth Deployment, Army Ranger Kills Himself. ‘No Way’ That God Would Forgive Him For What He’d Seen, Done, He Told Wife

  • This is just the beginning. It’s what happens when a person of good conscience gets overwhelmed by his obligation to serve their country that conflicts with his moral values.
    This is no war, not in the sense of there ever being a victor and one who surrenders and is bound by borders. We’re sending men and women over there to “fight a tactic”, not an enemy people.

    It’s very troubling to me that most people today completely ignore the wars.
    What can you expect though, Bush just told everyone to go shopping and spending…everything will be okay…they’re on it…to keep us free.

  • The war was created to fill the pockets of the rich elite. Our sons are told they are fighting for American freedom. A lie from the devils in Washington. If at all possible I would love to be there and witness these evil men and women who send our childern off to die in the name of money stand before the judgement seat of God and sentenced for their crimes against humanity. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

  • Well…..now we know once again why the media does everything to shut Ron Paul up.

  • Insanity 101: Kids get “well educated” and disposed in school, military excites them into being all they can be, the masses get saturated with love of nonstop material gratification, and they learn the art of suvival of the smartest. Yes, there will be a day of justice. In the meantime, until people lose their conscience and a sense of moral right they had better do a lot of praying — praying from the heart, if they haven’t lost that yet. Because it’s gonna get ugly. And when it’s the worst, at least those with good hearts who put God’s standard Number One will die with dignity. That’s all that counts at this point. You sure as hell can’t depend on those called to be servants of the people. The wimps. God have mercy on those who have the duty to fight for truth but tuck it away to pad their pocket and get a name and save their skin. Yep, they’ll get their “day in court” all right. Let us remember our poor brothers and sisters before the Lord, that their deaths will not be in vain for themselves and for this perverse generation.

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