Facebook Tracks You Even After Logging Out

(BOB TUSKIN)   An Australian technologist has caused a global stir after discovering Facebook tracks the websites its users visit even when they are logged out of the social networking site.

Separately, Facebook’s new Timeline feature, launched last week, has been inadvertently accessed by users early, revealing a feature that allows people to see who removed them from their friends lists.

Facebook’s changes – which turn profiles into a chronological scrapbook of the user’s life – are designed to let its 800 million members share what they are reading, listening to or watching in real-time. But they have been met with alarm by some who fear over-sharing.

Of course, Facebook’s bottom line improves the more users decide to share. Reports suggest that Facebook staff refer internally to “Zuck’s law“, which describes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that every year people share twice as much online – a trend that has seen Facebook’s valuation skyrocket towards $US100 billion.

In alarming new revelations, Wollongong-based Nik Cubrilovic conducted tests which revealed that when you log out of Facebook, rather than deleting its tracking cookies the site merely modifies them, maintaining account information and other unique tokens that can be used to identify you.



2 Responses to Facebook Tracks You Even After Logging Out

  • This is why I closed my fb**k account, which I reluctantly opened to placate a couple of friends. Despite the fact that I maintained contact with only three people of fb**k, somehow it was continually “suggesting” friends who I had regular email contact. I finally figured out that fb**k was “sniffing” my emails to glean the addresses. It makes sense that the CIA joint venture group fronted zuckerberg the dollars for fb**k, after the revealing of their own TIAA program run by none other than Adm. Poindexter from the Iran/Contra days. It’s so much easier to get sheeple to report on themselves.

    Peace, Privacy, and Prosperity All,


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