Facebook shutting down activists pages for photos they didn’t upload

(JOHN CONNER)   Well it appears over 100 activist facebook accounts have been deactivated by facebook. The word going around is that an inappropriate photo of a horse trying to mount a police officer was shared on Infowar Social Network facebook page.

Note that it was not uploaded to the page , but shared from another page. So instead of facebook going after the page and user that uploaded the photo, Facebook decided to deactivate the accounts of 100 people who are admins of infowar social network coalition, which did not upload the photo to facebook.


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  • This isn’t news!

    What should be placed here is that Alex Jone’s POLICE STATE videos fails to mention that All U.S. Law Enforcement Officers and Military are all TRAINED by Israeli Forces.

    The ADL/lawenforcement Website boasts of this as well as the DHS website. Then there is the GILEE programs where US Law Enforcement officers are taken to Israel and shown about GAZA etc to show American’s how to deal with Civilian’s who fight for their land and property under the premise of their being Terrorist’s.

    What isn’t mentioned in all the Media is that when Palestinians are shown throwing Rocks at IDF forces, They (Israeli’s are on Palestinian land) So it is not a Security issue for Israel as they Target Civilian’s as Palestinians have no Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Just 100% civilian’s fighting for their lands.

    Mention that on any of Alex Jone’s channels and see how FAST your comments are deleted.

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