Every sheriff in Florida pledges to protect Second Amendment rights

()   On Sunday, Feb. 17, Watch Dog Wire reported that they received an email from Constitutional Sheriffs stating that all 67 sheriffs in the counties of Florida have signed a pledge declaring that they not only support the Second Amendment, but that they will protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. 67, that’s every single county in the state.

Florida has become the first state to receive 100% support from every sheriff, which makes a huge statement opposing tyrannical acts against the United States Constitution. A statement that many other states are most likely soon to follow.

Perhaps it’s a bit ironic that Florida is officially the first state with 100% support for the Second Amendment, when it was also a state that favored Obama over Romney this past election year. Although they are both anti-gun… or so-called pro-gun, depending on which state they are currently seeking support from.

The Little Rock Gun Rights Examiner commends the sheriffs of Florida for their decision to not only show their support for the right to keep and bear arms, but for pledging to protect that right for all of the American people.

Sheriffs who have signed the pledge are listed below. If you are a Florida resident, be sure to drop a letter, email or phone call thanking your sheriff for standing up for our Second Amendment rights.

Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell

Baker County Sheriff Jerry B. Dobson

Broward County Sheriff Scott J. Israel

Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn H. Kimbrell

Charlotte County Sheriff William G. Prummell

Citrus County Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsy

Collier County Sheriff Kevin J. Rambosk

Columbia County Sheriff Mark A. Hunter

Desoto County Sheriff William P. Wise

Dixie County Sheriff Dewey H. Hatcher

Duval-Jacksonville County Sheriff John H. Rutherford

Escambia County Sheriff Thelbert “David” Morgan

Flagler County Sheriff James Manfre

Franklin County Sheriff Mike Mock

Gadsden County Sheriff Morris A. Young

Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz

Glades County Sheriff Stuart Whiddom

Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison

Hamilton County Sheriff Jay Harvey Reid

Hardee County Sheriff Arnold Lanier

Hendry County Sheriff Stephen Whidden

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis

Highlands County Sheriff Susan Benton

Hillsborough County Sheriff David A. Gee

Holmes County Sheriff Tim Brown

Indian River County Deryl B. Loar

Jackson County Sheriff Louis S. Roberts III

Jefferson County Sheriff David C. Hobbs

Lafayette County Sheriff Brian N. Lamb

Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell

Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum

Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch

Madison County Sheriff Benjamin Stewart

Manatee County Sheriff W. Brad Stuebe

Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair

Miami-Dade County Sheriff J.D. Patterson

Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper

Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry R. Ashley

Okeechobee County Sheriff Paul C. May

Orange County Sheriff Jerry L. Demmings

Osceola County Sheriff Bob Hansell

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric L. Bradford

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco

Pinellas County Sheriff Robert “Bob” Gualtieri

Putnam County Sheruff Jeff Hardy

St. Johns County Sheriff David B. Shoar

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara

Santa Rosa County Sheriff O. Wendell Hall

Sarasota County Sheriff tom Knight

Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger

Sumter County Sheriff William O. Farnsworth

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony G. Cameron

Taylor County Sheriff L.E. “Bummy” Williams

Union County Sheriff Jerry Whitehead

Volusia County Sheriff Ben F. Johnson

Wakulla County Sheriff Charlie Creel

Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson

Washington County Sheriff Robert Haddock

UPDATE: Thank you to all of my wonderful readers for your comments and emails and for bringing to my attention that there are only 61 counties listed above. Upon reviewing the information, I realized that the 61 listed were in addition to the original six that signed the pledge. Those six were:

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler

Martin County Sheriff William D. Snyder

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualteri

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.

Websites of interest:

War on Guns

Armed and Safe

Constitution Watch

The Armored Porcupine


5 Responses to Every sheriff in Florida pledges to protect Second Amendment rights

  • As a new transplant to Winter Park/Orlando, FL, attending FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, I’ve noticed the High Quality and Rapid response of the Police, Sheriffs and Fire Depts., here. I’m Glad to see your Support of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. My father spent 11 Months in Stalag IV-B to Keep Our Beautiful Country, which was actually Set-up by the most advanced Spiritual Masters as the Archetype for all the world, to Keep America Forever free of Fascist, Nazism, and nwo-ism, which is all the same thing. Now, would you Please, do like ICELAND did, and Arrest All the Wall-Street gangster-Banksters, who betray this country everyday, with every fetid breath they take. Thanks!

  • Good job to all the Sheriff’s dept. there. Glad to know ya are willing to fight for the citizens of America’s right to bear arms…

  • Thanks to all the constitutional sheriffs here in Florida! I will be sending a letter to all of you expressing my gratitude. Stand for us now and we will stand with you when TSHTF.

    – Armed Citizen

  • It surprises me that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is listed as upholding the Second Amendment and that he would protect my right to bear arms. A few months back Israel was on CBS Miami Facing South Florida: Sheriff Scott Israel and Facing South Florida: Gun Control http://miami.cbslocal.com/2013/01/27/facing-south-florida-gun-control/ and http://miami.cbslocal.com/2013/01/27/facing-south-florida-sheriff-scott-israel/.


    Israel states we should not have the right to "assault weapons" and that there should be gun registration. Israel is a hard core leftist and would confiscate your arms in a second if he could. Israel is of the mind that "black rifles are bad" but a wood stocked bolt action is good. How this so called report that all these Sheriffs swore to protect my rights to bear arms came to be is highly suspect. I bet there are many more liers on this list.

  • This was Sheriff Israel’s reply that was delivered to me around January 31, 2013.


    Jan 31

    Sheriff Israel, like many, was very disturbed by the senseless killings
    in Newtown, Aurora, and other communities around the nation. He believes
    we as Americans, must take a serious, responsible and multi-faceted
    approach to the problem of rising gun violence in our nation.

    This includes developing a comprehensive national approach to the
    problem with reasonable gun control measures, enhanced school safety
    precautions, and improved mental health services. The Sheriff supports
    legislation to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban, banning large
    capacity magazines and armor-piercing bullets, and having a uniform
    national background check required before any sale or transfer
    (including private sales and gift transfers) of firearms. In so doing,
    this will still protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun
    owners while imposing reasonable restrictions to better protect our
    communities as a whole.

    Thank you,

    Broward Sheriff’s Office

    In addition, he mentioned during his 2008 campaign was a member of Homeland Security; can we say "conflict of interest?"

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