Establishment Media: Critics of Obama Are Racists And Conspiracy Theorists

(THE EXCAVATOR)   “The President just got in there. But in four years, will we still like him? In eight years, are we gonna still hype him? What if he says we’ve gotta go into Iran and kill a million people? Will you still be down with the man? You’d better wake up and smell the coffee. This is why the radio station don’t toss me. Me–and I’m on the microphone–I stand with people like Alex Jones. This is the truth I’m down with. I’ve never been about no fuckin’ government. I do for myself; speak for myself. Teach myself; reach for myself. Hip hop, you gotta do the same thing. Listen to me now, while I rap and sing. The New World Order just put on a black face.” – KRS-One, January 24, 2009.

Obama has a PR advantage over his Republican rivals because he is a black President. A Black President doesn’t get criticized by the left because he is black. They think that a black president can’t be an evil imperialist in the same way as a white president. I think that is one of the political codes in politically correct Washington.

In American politics, ambitious black politicians use the race card like it is a magic card. And it is. Being black in power is a good image boost, which is why Obama was handpicked to be President by the oligarchy during this time of trial and transition.

When Obama bombs Persia, Obama’s Zombies Will Say: How can Obama be evil when he’s black? Black presidents don’t start evil wars. Only white presidents do that because the white man is the devil.

When Obama bombs Persia, the Whores of the Media Will Say: You cannot call a black President evil because that makes you evil and racist. You’re only allowed to call white Presidents evil. Okay? Got that, slaves? You morons. That’s an American rule in American politics. Do not call the black man in the White House an evil scumbag, do not say he loves wars and mass death, or we’ll call you a racist.

When Obama bombs Persia, the Brainwashed Left Will Say: Bush bombed the Iraqis because he was evil and wanted oil, but Obama is bombing the Persians because he’s good and he wants to create world peace. And how do I know he’s good? Well, because he’s black. Good is written on his face. If I say he’s evil then that makes me a racist. And I may be blind supporter of a lying war criminal, but I am not a racist! I am a good liberal who loves everybody and everything. And I love my president because he is black, which means I have shed my white guilt. And those who criticize him are all racists and conspiracy theorists!

Obama is clearly exploiting his color to sell to the American people inherently evil policies. And his defenders in the press constantly use the race card to demonize Obama’s critics. Read the following articles:
Chris Matthews calls Obama critics ‘crackers’
Barack Obama critics ‘racist’, says Jimmy Carter: is he right?
Poet Maya Angelou Calls Obama Critics Racist
Olbermann Assails Obama’s Critics As Racist
Once Again, MSNBC Dismisses Obama Criticism As Thinly Veiled Racism
Every Obama Critic a Racist
Morgan Freeman Praised for Calling Obama Critics Racist

The political narrative that Obama critics are racists and conspiracy theorists has been constructed and new layers of lies are constantly added. And these lies are coming from so-called liberals like Chris Matthews and the MSNBC crew.

The leadership of the Left in America and the West is filled with traitors, deceivers, and criminals. They want the American people to bomb Iran and watch World War III on television, and say that criticizing Obama’s World War is a 21st century form of racism. And brainwashed liberals feel fine about sleeping beside a mass murdering war criminal as long as he is black and he is not from Texas.

So bombing Arabs, Afghans, Pakistanis, and Iranians = fine and good. But criticizing a black president because of his criminal policies and his wars = racism. Wow, how deep the intellectual spirit of America and the West has fallen! Political correctness combined with totalitarian propaganda and mass ignorance have caused the death of America and the West.

But America and the West can be resurrected and revived. And for that to happen, we must stop allowing politicians, journalists, pundits, and newsmakers use the terms “conspiracy theorist” and “racist” as political weapons to divide and rule, and smear their democratic critics.

Defining and clarifying the words that we use is important, especially in a time of war and crisis. If the war criminals in Washington can get away with defining any political criticism of President Obama as racist hate speech and crazy/conspiratorial, then they’ll get away with anything, including carrying out false flag attacks, starting a nuclear war, and even genocide.

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