Elizabeth Warren Asks: Why isn’t the Minimum Wage $22 an Hour?

(FEDERALJACK)   Elizabeth Warren wanted to know why minimum wage hasn’t gone up at the same rate as productivity.


2 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Asks: Why isn’t the Minimum Wage $22 an Hour?

  • This spectacle is living proof that liberals want to destroy the country… Her "Increase" numbers of just pennies to raise the Min. wage to $10.00 is just plain stupid…

    People like her should actually try working to see what it takes and costs to run a business…

    Maybe she and the other liberals, including when Kennedy was alive, should have spoke up when they OVER-SPENT on the "Big Dig" by BILLIONS of dollars… The Liberals are POISON to America, plain and simple…

  • It’s like domino’s, yeah, it’s going to be cash strapped for a while and guess what…you’ll have to raise your prices.But people will have more to spend.It’s the way the market works and adjusts.This should have happened annually after the rates where set.No one can live on the minimum wage with any comfort or feel safe.
    There is a change coming and the only way the planet’s people are going to live in peace ,harmony and prosperity is all of us have to give something.
    It will work it’s self out in the market.

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