DUI Charges Dropped Against Drunk Cop Who Killed Motorcyclist


13 Responses to DUI Charges Dropped Against Drunk Cop Who Killed Motorcyclist

  • Suspended without pay?
    Opportunity to resign?
    Nice professional courtesy if you can get it.
    Here is an idea: police layoffs. This economy is a GREAT opportunity to see how many fewer cops we really need. Will our world end if we lay off 20% of our cops? Let’s try it! Out in Indiana the bad guys are NOT going to start home invasions just because there are fewer cops on the force. People in flyover country own guns; they can wait a few more minutes for the cops to bring over a body bag.

  • What a crock!

    These guys kill with impunity and if you even to threaten them with death, you go to jail for 15 years!

    All individuals involved with this coverup should be tried and sent to jail.

  • Listening to George tell this story was hard. Man that’s just terrible. Does a police siren allow you to run into stopped vehicles?
    Anyone that has had to be in the situation of watching someone die in front of you as the result of something like this, knows words don’t describe it.

    As a rule when I ride, I watch my rear view stopped, do left turns on the inside of a car and try to keep away from most other drivers on the road. There is little you can do though when the man comes for you.

  • How long are the American people waiting to do something against those abuses? Just talking and talking does not help. Actioon is needed, but when?

  • My daughter is a bartender. She recently refused service to a man who was drinking all day at a beach front bar. He was too drunk to drive. A bar employee gave him a ride to work on the midnight shift as a patrol officer at a local police station. He was on patrol and very drunk.

  • One can only hope this mother fucker meets an untimely death like the one he created. Fuck you, you pig mother fucker. Charges dropped? Not by the People. He will be tried again after the revolution.

  • The blue-wall-of-silence runs deep in all pigs’ blood, especially in their us vs. them mentality!

  • The people of this city should vote to defund the police.Clean house.Then follow through with arrests.

  • this is what you get when you play dumb all the time. poor ignorant americans. are you all cursed or what.

  • There were protests and and FBI investigation. At one point the Chief of Police asked for Bussard to be fired, but ultimately, nothing. The new prosecutor re-opened the case as soon as he took office, but still, nothing was done. I am a biker, and I can tell you people want his head.

  • yea its a shame that this stuff happens. If it were a person that wasnt a police officer, you can bet your life the procedures would have been carried out to the letter ! Just cause you wear a badge , doesnt make it OK to kill someone and walk away from it , like it never happened ! I ride , Ive been hit from behind at a red light, its a bad place to be when standing still . But when a drunk is involved , its a different story ! I dont wish bad things to happen to this man. But he should be made to pay the price of his actions . An accident is ab accident, this was not an accident ! Guys theres no good place to be at an intersection at a red light , but please watch out for the drunk cop behind you !! Watch your mirrors , when stopped ! I got lucky, I got up and rode away ! Most dont ! be safe , ride on brothers !

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