Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (10-12-2012) The Future of Drone Warfare & Conspiracy of Silence

Border Patrol UAV

(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye plays two pieces of shocking audio. The first exposes the future of drone warfare throughout the world and inside the U.S. itself. The second is the full audio of the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” which exposes the pedophilia that runs rampant in Washington D.C. and the ongoing coverup of this fact.




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2 Responses to Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (10-12-2012) The Future of Drone Warfare & Conspiracy of Silence

  • THE police support the kidding of children from their parents,they flush new born children down their sewers in the jails,they shoot and kill anyone they want,they kick in doors all over america and murder the people who live there,they rob the people they pull over,they beat their wives senseless,murder there own children,steal evidence from the jails,they lie in court,IS THERE ANY CRIME THEY DON’T COMMIT?? YET americans call them thinking they are there to help them,AND WELCOME THE WORST KIND OF EVIL INTO THEIR HOME,ARE AMERICANS BRAINWASHED??? OR ARE THEY JUST STUPID???? THESE DEMONS IN BLUE ARE GOING TO DESTROY AMERICA and the people are going to help them do it………..

  • TO anyone who can still think,america has become the land of cowards and fools,this country is sinking fast,and the ones who are not ready will soon be killed,STOCK up on what ever you and your family might need for the return to 1850 america,the NWO fully intends to destroy america,its been standing in the way of their dreams of taking over the world,and they will succed in their plan,EVIL has came over america and 97%of the country won’t even see the end coming,till its way to late………………GET AS CLOSE TO JESUS as you can and pray your found worthy to be protected from this EVIL thats growing stronger everyday…….the storm clouds are getting darker in the government and churches of america every minute,and your out of time to prepare,so hurry………

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