Dr. Mary’s Monkey: The Link Between Polio Vaccines, Cancer, & JFK’s Murder

(FEDERALJACK)   In this edition of Down The Rabbit Hole Popeye is joined by author and researcher Ed Haslam. Ed is the writer behind the incredible book titled Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Inoculating millions of trusting schoolchildren with polio vaccines contaminated by monkey viruses has triggered an epidemic of soft tissue cancers and the desperate effort to develop an anti-cancer vaccine was secretly turned into a cancer causing bio-weapon project. And if that weren’t enough it all ties into the JFK assassination.



Popeye’s Radio Show: http://www.oriontalkradio.com/Default.aspx?PID=8&T=Down%20the%20Rabbit%20Hole

Ed Haslam’s Website: http://doctormarysmonkey.com/

Popeye’s interview with Judyth Vary Baker: http://www.federaljack.com/?p=89008

10 Responses to Dr. Mary’s Monkey: The Link Between Polio Vaccines, Cancer, & JFK’s Murder

  • McCarthy was a senator and had nothing to do with HUAC (House of Representatives). He helped JFK get elected to the Senate in ’52 and was a close family friend.

  • I discovered that my husband James McLean who was said to have
    Had frontal lobe glioblastoma was really fed the pork tapeworm water
    In infected water which causes Neurocysticerosis which is very curable but
    Was intentionally misdiagnosed by many radiologist so many could
    Illegally patent my husband’s James McLean “s deep water drilling
    Technology under US patent number 6715341. I was able to prove this
    From medical records but unable to get the US attorney general to
    Pursue the False claim suit in federal court filed on 1/28/2011. My first
    Attorney was stabbed 6 times in Houston, Texas to stop me.

    I filed it in US Federal Court with all evidence listed as exhibits. The
    Truth is so obvious in the exhibits that the judged dismissed the case
    And ordered it sealed.
    I would like Edward Haslam to contact me. There is a high probability that
    Senator Ted Kennedy was really murdered with parasites the same way. My discovery
    of what was happening to Senator Ted Kennedy in May of 2008 got me illegally
    Charged with calling a judge on 3/2/2008 and threatening her on a Saturday
    When evidence shows I called 911 twice and reported
    Illegal entry into my home that morning. I was arrested
    On8/28/2008 so I could not help Senator Ted Kennedy.
    Keep in jail for 5 months never allowing me to
    Go before the judge to tell I was a federal whistle
    Blower who filed a false claim case on 13/20/2007
    In regards to illegal billing of my previous employer
    Not realizing it was all done to get me an RN and CPA
    out of nursing before I discovered what really killed
    My husband. I was sent to the state mental hospital in
    Texas for 90 to120 days for competency testing. I was
    Returned to jail end of May 2009 and then the case
    Was just dismissed on June 15th 2009 never
    Allowing me to tell the judge I was a federal
    Whistle blower who was being retaliated against.
    Kennedy died less than 2 months after my release.
    On 9/28/2010 I began to acquire all the medical records
    To prove how right I was. In Dec 2010 knowing myself
    How to use the US patent website so I was able the illegal
    Patent of my husband”s technology on my own!
    I developed a report called the Kennedy/McLean Report
    Of all my husband”s evidence being 6 months
    After Exxon-Mobil had illegal tried to claim ownership of his
    technology to his face when he was consulting for
    Them. All work history is in the report and why
    I feel their is a high probability that Ted Kennedy
    Was murdered like my husband.

    I would like to send a copy of the report to
    Mr Haslam. I also question Steve Jobs diagnosis
    And wonder if it is also parasites not being treated.
    Please move fast on this. Steve Jobs is still alive.
    I was born in 1954 and in the late seventies I worked
    for Ochsner Hospital on the chemo floor first.
    Their method of treating cancer never agreed with me.
    My gut tells me that the Black Walnut Woodworm complex
    Herb would be more affective plus lacto bacillus
    Found in yogurt!!!

    Move fast on this. I was told to read Dr Mary”s Monkey
    By a man in New Orleans. There is a lot of heat
    On my like since I live in NO and filed a case
    That has many of the same ties as Dr Sherman”s murder.
    It was an HCA hospital that intentional misdiagnosed
    My husband and also a HCA hospital that radiated
    His frontal lobe when he really had parasites.
    Difference can be determined by doing a CT or MRI with
    Contrast. He had 20 such tests and all with contrast were
    Canceled except the one prior to his second surgery and
    It was ordered not to be interpreted which is never done.
    In that surgery they removed part of my husband brain
    To speed up his killing so the patent could be moved from
    Scotland to the US within 12 months from 5/2001.
    My husband died 3/11/2002 and the patent was moved
    On 5/26/2002.

    Best regards,

    Vicki McLean
    President and Founder
    Women Helping Men
    Glorify God

  • Read this one too. Its OK but Lee and Me is much better same thoughts and ideas as Dr. Mary’s monkey but more detailed.

  • Hay Bro here is my email address, keep up the Great Work man
    hep c = basic training

  • Interesting book by mr marrs interesting knowledge put lets call facts are facts it’s to late to help those souls who where injected and the ones being injected now is mr marrs going to lead the charge I do not think so there are so many goody two shoes talking but not acting history repeats itself and it is repeating itself as I write this comment lord have mercy on us

  • The truth WILL emerge. Does anyone know anything W/R/T the 1957 Chevrolet in Ruth Paine’s GARAGE around Nov,1963 ? I’ve seen a picture with the license plate obscured. Also, any info on ANTHONY WAYNE HOUSE ?

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