Diabetic doctors changing insulin administering tactics, is this apart of Obamacare rationing?

Author: Ben Franklin

Disclaimer: The information is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for consultation with a qualified medical professional or for professional medical advice related to diabetes or another medical condition. Please contact your physician or medical professional with any questions and concerns about your medical condition.

Has your doctor told you that you may no longer have any sugars, fried foods, or anything with a grand amount of carbs? Has your doctor told you not to count carbs anymore, that your insulin to carb ratio has been suspended, that you can only take fast acting insulin shots to a certain level before each meal and that you may only do shots based on a blood sugar sliding scale? When you explain to your doctor that you do shots based on carbs, the doctor tells you no, “you don’t understand! Your orders are to only take a shot before each meal then base it on a sliding scale” then acts like you are stupid then orders you to see a nurse to explain the sliding scale to you. I can’t say who is ordering this but is has happened to my friend, and I am finding out doctors across the country are starting to abandon the insulin-to-carb ratio.

A article was released originating from Nov 28, 2012, then was updated around April of 2013, all revealing that carb counting is now a no no for all diabetics now by their medical professionals. Is this a coincidence since the Obamacare law aka the Affordable Care Act passed into law around 2009-2010. Of course doctors will not admit that this new trend may be apart of the Obamacare plan of rationing care. As long as people do a lot of exercising, they can eat carbs and still avoid getting fat. All it takes is walking down your neighborhood almost everyday and water aerobics but it doesn’t matter anymore. Doctors don’t want you to eat your way anymore and will use prescription drug control laws along with the Obamacare law to force you to eat less to your doctors tune. However you shouldn’t get angry at, argue with, or blame your doctor as to the new changes. It was likely apart of the hidden Obamacare rationing mandate since with universal healthcare, everyone suffers collectively on each persons eating habits and healthcare choices, everyone must be healthy against their will.

Former alternative media outlet USWGO released multiple articles revealing the dangers of Obamacare, around December 2009 that Obamacare will end the freely lounging of buffets, and in August 2012 that Obamacare will create a dictatorial national public healthcare council that will seat chair-people that have no expertise in either mental or physical health.

Alex Jones revealed that Obamacare was written partially by the insurance companies and that Obamacare may not even cover preexisting conditions. Whether this is true or not will be examined by me as a FederalJack writer.

Healthcare rationing will limit not only hospital visits, doctors visits, but will also limit all prescriptions every American can take against their will and their doctors wishes. Since the entire healthcare system is nationalized, since healthcare is collectively administered, anybody whom does not do what the doctor orders doesn’t affect just one person but effects the entire society as a collective therefore every diabetic must cut back their eating habits to certain portions and must limit their exercising and all actions to go along with the entire collective healthcare system.

Even Obama admitted after defeating Romney in the elections, that America is becoming part of the collective when using the term collective which is the codeword that America is becoming part of the democratic collective. What makes democracy bad is that our actions, our own lives, will be dictated by the majority of the people and the democratic leadership, while in a republic our lives are are own and not dictated by the majority.

Insulin dependent diabetics will no longer be allowed to eat what they choose anymore, do what Obama and the doctor tells you because doctors are no longer advisers but will mandate you do this and that or else you won’t get any care at all.

If you attempt to fight and resist this attempt of the government to decide what you can and cannot eat, the corrupt police will just plant drugs(felony charges), child pornography(permanent lifetime sex offender record), or any other contraband on you then you have to fight for years in a corrupt court just for a chance of not going to prison then having permanent criminal records with little chance of a pardon or being proven innocence.

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