DHS Secret Police Make Arrests at Occupy Portland

(THE INTEL HUB)   The Department of Homeland Security describes the FPS as “a federal law enforcement agency that provides integrated security and law enforcement services to federally owned and leased buildings, facilities, properties and other assets.”

The location of Portland’s Terry Shrunk Plaza accounts for why FPS officers may have participated in the arrests, since the jurisdiction of the plaza is shared by both local and federal authorities, according to Rick Ellis, writing for the Examiner.

“FPS is working with the Portland Police Bureau to enforce the prohibition of overnight encampments at Schrunk Plaza, while protecting the safety and security of all involved,” said Chris Ortman, an agency spokesman, at the time of the photographer’s arrest.

Under Posse Comitatus, it is illegal for the federal government to collaborate with local law enforcement in the arrest of citizens.

Jurisdiction of Schrunk Plaza is shared jointly by the federal government, the city and the state of Oregon, The Oregonian explains.

Both the Portland Police Department and the Federal Protective Service have not responded to a request for more information on the arrest.

It was reported earlier in the week by a Justice Department official that local law enforcement has plotted its response to the OWS movement in coordination with the DHS, the FBI and other federal police agencies.


2 Responses to DHS Secret Police Make Arrests at Occupy Portland

  • Um, that’s not what posse comitatus means. Federal and local law enforcement work together all the time, always have. Posse Comitatus means the Army cannot be used by local authorities to enforce the law. That’s what the National Guard is for. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act

    Here’s an idea, how about Occupy stops breaking the law? Then, you won’t even see any cops except the ones protecting you from counter-protesters at your legal rallies. If you set out to deliberately break the law, or create a “temporary autonomous zone” within which you plan to ignore the law, you should have expected to see both federal and local law enforcement, and that is not a conspiracy of any kind. You’re just actually breaking the law.

  • What a wackey world where society is more concerned with camping ordinances and denying free speech and assembly to present long unaddressed grieviences instead of prosecuting the people behind the greatest fraud,corruption and wealth transfer in the history of mankind.I guess it’s ok though to camp in front of N.B.C Studios for S.N.L. tickets though.

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