DHS FOIA Documents targeting Infowars by fusion centers

All of you may have noticed the DHS FOIA Documents by Brian D. Hill of USWGO have disappeared off the USWGO.com server and no backups have ever been published on any website so I have decided to release them.

These won’t be around forever either so please download and share these while you can, spread them around to everyone you know. Don’t ever ask him why he took everything down, it is a personal matter that has led to this. Just treat the close down of USWGO as another reason to fight hard to win the information/intelligence war. These documents are stored mostly on the FederalJack.com web server and the TruthFrequencyNews server (Doc10). I may keep releasing documents here and there but I will likely not be on anymore. Back these up, share on any remaining file sharing websites that haven’t been seized, and don’t ever just let one source give information out. You should save all web page articles and everything. Don’t ever let good news reporting and information released ever go to waste. Mr. Hill has worked hard to build this truth movement legacy and momentum along with all of his friends Popeye, Alex, Bob Tuskin, JJink,. and others. If he can no longer personally do anything for the movement and has to push people away then take this as a step further to fight even more aggressively in the information war because the elite owns and controls the mainstream media to aggresively push propaganda then the people can push the truth.

So here they are thank you:

Final Notification of FOIA Request sent to USWGO – PDF Document 1 – PDF Document 2 – PDF Document 3 – PDF Document 4 – PDF Document 5 – PDF Document 6 – PDF Document 7 – PDF Document 8 – PDF Document 9 – PDF Document 10 – PDF Document 11 – PDF Document 12 – PDF

Also USWGO will never come back as far as I can tell so if any USWGO Articles are still in search engine caches then you are recommended to download immediately. Nothing is online forever and the fact that USWGO went offline is a reason to start making backups of everything you see online that is credible.

Also be aware that anything you do on the Internet has a trace and the IP Address has the persons personal address and even financial information. Stay safe, stay cautious, remain vigilant, and keep getting the truth out and seek the truth.

The crew of the USWGO team bids you all farewell and so do I as a observer in the whole matters of the infowar.

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