DHS Aircraft Aided In Massacre Of 73 Civilians

(PRISON PLANET)   If you thought that the use of a Predator drone to target a family in rural North Dakota was overkill, wait until you hear what happened in Jamaica. The Department of Homeland Security aided Jamaican authorities in massacring 73 civilians as part of a botched drug raid conducted with the help of a DHS surveillance aircraft – before attempting to cover up the atrocity by refusing to release the footage.

“At the DEA’s insistence, Jamaican authorities reluctantly raided Tivoli Gardens, the West Kingston slum (Christopher) Coke ran as a de facto governor, two years ago. Coke didn’t turn up, but Jamaican police officers killed 73 civilians, many of them allegedly in cold blood. A Department of Homeland Security surveillance plane was overhead the whole time,”reports Gawker.

Writing for the New Yorker, Mattathias Schwartz reveals how most of Coke’s gunmen disappeared almost instantly, before police proceeded to go door to door carrying out summary executions of innocent villagers.

Amidst the massacre, a Homeland Security surveillance plane circled overhead, providing Jamaican authorities withy real-time intelligence and surveillance footage.

After the Jamaican government claimed the DHS played no role in the atrocity, Schwartz filed a Freedom of Information Act Request which revealed that the U.S. had played a role, forcing the Jamaican government to retract the claim.

“PRIME MINISTER and Minister of Defence, Andrew Holness, has revealed that the United States Government provided surveillance assistance to the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) through the presence of an aircraft over Tivoli Gardens during the May 24, 2010 operations in the West Kingston community to serve a warrant on convicted drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke,” reported the Jamaica Gleaner.

A DHS U.S. Customs and Border Protection letter confirms that video records of the massacre were made “from a Department of Homeland Security P-3 Orion aircraft that was flying over Kingston that day” which ensured that, “all scenes were continuously recorded.”

However, despite the fact that the video made by the plane could contain evidence of atrocities committed by Jamaican police, the DHS has refused to release the footage.

Should we be concerned that the same technology now being used to spy on American citizens is also being used in foreign countries to aid in the slaughter of innocent people?

As part of the accelerating program to target American citizens as terrorists, military hardware used in places like Afghanistan to hunt down insurgents is now becoming a routine tool of law enforcement.

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reported on how a Predator B drone was called in to conduct surveillance over a family farm in North Dakota as part of a SWAT raid on the Brossart family, who were suspects in the egregious crime of stealing six missing cows. Local police in this one area have already used the drone on two dozen occasions since June.


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