Deluded TSA Worker Arrested After Telling Cop “I’m A Customs Inspector”

(PRISON PLANET)   The actions of a TSA worker who was pulled over during a routine traffic stop betray the general attitude of the TSA in recent month, that the agency is above the law and makes its own rules.

The New Jersey Star Ledger reports that Michael Mazzone, 27, of Roselle Park, a lead transportation security officer employed by the TSA since 2006, is due in Superior Court in Elizabeth on Friday after being arrested in January on a charge of “pretending to hold a position as a sworn law enforcement officer.”

After being stopped for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, Mazzone told a patrolman who had pulled him over that he was a cop, too, but wasn’t carrying his badge, according to the Roselle Park Police Department.

Specifically, Mazzone claimed to be a “customs inspector”, a position which entails carrying a firearm and the power to make arrests.

Of course, TSA workers can do neither, they are merely hired federal government hands, that now spend most of their time down the pants of everyday Americans trying to travel freely around the country.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a particular affront,” said Detective Sgt. Manuel Jimenez, a spokesman for the Roselle Park Police Department.”But you’re pretending to be somebody who has particular expertise or authority and you’re lying about it.”

The TSA says it is conducting its own inquiry into the incident and will make a decision on Mazzone’s position after the court case is completed.

In recent weeks we have reported on the full scale epidemic of TSA criminality that is now gaining widespread media attention.

At the same airport Mazzone works in, Newark Liberty International, there have been a spate of incidents involving TSA workers stealing money and valuables from luggage, as well as routine security failures, involving handguns being taken through security lines.

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