Delta and Continental retroactively raise baggage fees

(AMERICA BLOG)   I received an email update today that Delta would be retroactively charging luggage fees and wondered how that is even possible. I had a transaction with Delta seven days ago – all paid, tickets in hand – yet now they are adding more to the cost of the ticket. The luggage fee is ridiculous enough with their prices but to re-charge for a completed transaction doesn’t even sound legal. It’s hard to imagine any other industry getting away with such a stunt.

According to the carrier’s website, the fee to check a first bag for domestic travel is rising to $23 from $15, and the charge to check a second bag is being raised to $32 from $25. The fees apply to economy-class travel.

The higher baggage fees apply to tickets bought after January 5 for travel beginning on January 12. Additional fees apply when checking in via ticket counter, kiosk, or curbside, the carrier said on its website.

Continental is doing the same thing, raising fees and working it retroactively.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Gee, what a coincidence. Two airlines raise their fees exactly the same amount, retroactively to around the same day. At what point does Congress investigate the obvious anti-competitive collusion involved here? Also, $23 extra on a $230 ticket is a 10% tax, just to give you a sense of how outrageous this is. We’re talking luggage, people. It’s not like this is some added accoutrement you can do without. They’re simply trying to hide the fact that they’re raising ticket prices, by hiding the increase in the luggage fee that you pay WAY later, after buying the ticket. I suggest folks try to fly Southwest or JetBlue and get away from these jerks:

On discount carrier Southwest Airlines, the first and second checked bags are free. JetBlue offers a free first checked bag and charges $30 for the second.

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